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More tears streamed from my eyes, and down my cheeks as he opened a small, black box for me. I looked at that gorgeous ring and saw everything: our past, our start of how we met, our friendships, our battles with rape, anger management, cutting; our present, our tour with our family, all of our amazing fans and friends; and our future, a house, a babies, a family full of love and hope. I knew there were more challenges to overcome, especially getting married in the public eye. But I knew that we could get through all of it with Edward on my side.

So of course I said yes!

I hugged and kissed him tightly, and multicolored confetti rained down on all of us.

A/N: Last chapter of Spotlight! I just want to thank all of you guys from the bottom of my heart, for putting up with, loving, sharing, tweeting, and everything else for this story for the past 5 years! Wow, 5 YEARS since I first published the first chapter based on something I just created in my head! And now here we are! And just to let you know, there WILL BE A SEQUEL! An unnamed sequel, but a sequel at best! And I'm so excited! Ok, I'll have to stop before I start crying! Have fun reading!

Songs used: "Mama's Song"- Carrie Underwood

"See You Again"- Carrie Underwood

December 2020

Mama, you taught me to do the right things.

So, now you have to let your baby fly.

You've given me everything that I will need.

To make it through this crazy thing called life.

And I know you watched me grow up,

and only want what's best for me.

And I think I found the answer to your prayers.

It was time for Emmett and Rose's wedding. We'd decided to have our weddings in order, since it was only fair. Rose wanted a dramatic, artsy, over-the-top kind of wedding, and Emmett didn't mind, since he wanted to invite the whole world to see!

Rose's dress was beautiful. And it fit her, because it made her feel like a queen. It basically looked like a giant, white cupcake, with a small bust that overflowed into frills all the way down in layers. Rose's hair was pinned up into a bun, with a few tendrils framing her face. Her makeup was kept simple; she didn't want it to take away from the dress.

And he Is good, so good.

He treats your little girl,

like a real man should.

He is good, SO good.

He makes promises he keeps.

No, he's never gonna leave.

So, don't you worry about me.

Don't you worry about me.

Walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid with my fiancé on my arm made me excited for my own wedding. Next August was the date, and we were already excited.

Tears sprung my eyes as Alice and Jasper walked down the aisle. Their wedding was right before ours, next April. Alice saw me and smiled brightly.

Mama, there's no way you'll ever lose me.

Giving me away is not goodbye.

As you watch me walk down to my future,

I hope tears of joy are in your eyes.

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