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"I'm sure I didn't have a lot to do with it," I scoffed, smiling.

Edward laughed, "Don't be so modest. You have real talent when it comes to song-writing."

I blushed, smiling shyly "Well, I wasn't the only one, but thanks."

We, and our siblings, spent the rest of our time together just talking about prom dates, dresses, limos, and stuff like that. It just occurred to me that I didn't have a date. Angela was going with her boyfriend Ben; Alice with Jasper; Rosalie with Emmett. It was obvious that Edward was going with Tanya, even after he found out my feelings for him.


Oh no, the evil voice was back.

You promised that it didn't matter what you felt as long as it kept your friendship together.

But still-

Shush! No, you promised yourself. Learn to keep your promises, Little Miss-Suffer-in Silence.

My inner battle was interrupted when I heard Alice call me. Repeatedly.

"Bella!" she screeched.

"What!" I screeched back.

Everyone burst out of laughter as my cheeks burned in embarrassment. Emmett rolled onto the floor, hollering. Rose and Jasper were holding their sides. Edward did the same. I kept my eyes on Alice, who covered her giggles with her hands. I rolled my eyes and smiled, waiting for the rest to calm down. When they finally did, they all took to their seats once more.

"Oh, God, B," Emmett said, "You're too funny, and you don't even know it!"

"Anyway," I dismissed him jokingly, "What did you need from me, Alice?"

"Well, rumor has it that you don't have a date to prom yet." She replied.

"Yeah, so?"

"So," she implied, rolling her eyes, "Who're you taking?"

I felt everyone's eyes on me, and I looked down. "Um, I don't know, I was just gonna go by myself."

"What?" I jumped when everyone except Edward yelled at me, shocked.

"Well, no one asked me, so I wasn't gonna go at all, but then you," I poked Edward's shoulder, and he feigned shock, "Happened, and now, I don't know."

"Well, you could ask Jake," Emmett suggested.

"Jake?" I asked.

"Yeah, the cute guy who was here last Saturday for your contract signing," Alice sighed, and looked down after she saw Jasper look to her, offended.

"Excuse me?" he asked her.

"Well, he was," Alice defended, "But you're cuter, baby!"

"Oh, ok then," Jasper swung an arm around her and held her close.

"But Jake doesn't go to the same school as us," I retorted.

"So? You can still ask the office if they have Visitors' Sheets for Prom, I'm sure there's still some left," Emmett answered.


Rosalie groaned, "But what? What now?"

I was running out of options, I knew that. I couldn't go with Jake until I knew more about him and Tanya. Were they dating behind Edward's back? I looked to Edward, and sighed. Maybe if I did go, I could get some answers from Jake.

"You don't mind, do you?" I asked Edward, kind of hoping he'd say no.

"Me? Um, no, I don't mind. Jake's a really nice guy, I'm sure he'd say yes," he replied and smiled, but something seemed…off about the smile.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"Well, it's settled then, "Alice chirped excitedly, "You're going with Jake, you'll perform, and we'll have amazing prom night!" She discussed all about when we'd go shopping for prom dresses for me tomorrow after school.

"Hey, do you guys want to stay for dinner?" Rose asked.

"That depends, what're you having?" Emmett put on his best 'slacker' voice, slinking his arm around his girlfriend.

"Um, "Rosalie scoffed playfully, "Whatever comes on your plate." And she pushed him off and walked to the kitchen.

Emmett laughed, still on the floor, "What a woman, huh?"

We chuckled, and I stood up. "I'm going to see if Rose needs help with dinner."

I walked into the kitchen and saw Rose taking out ingredients for lasagna and salad. She looked up and smiled, "Hi."

"Hi. Do you need some help?" I asked.

"Sure." She smiled. We worked silently for a while until she nudged my elbow. "Hey, are you ok with this whole prom thing? I know you wanted to go with all of us."

I sighed, "Yeah, I'm ok. Jake's a nice guy, I'm sure prom will be fun." I smiled, but I was sure it looked like something else.

"You wanted to go with Edward, didn't you?" she asked quietly.

I stopped chopping the celery and spun to face her. "What?"

"I saw the longing look you gave him, like you wanted him to ask you, but then you remembered…" she trailed off.

"It doesn't matter. He doesn't love me…that way." I whispered.

"I'm sorry, Alice shouldn't have brought it up." She frowned.

"No, I'll tell you exactly what I told him. It doesn't matter that I love him, and he doesn't. That doesn't matter. What matters right now is that we're friends, best friends in fact, and we're going to make this work. We'll make it work for us, the band, and our family." I told her firmly.

Rose just nodded, and we went back to making dinner.


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