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A/N: Songs used in the chapter:

"Two is Better Than One" by Boys Like Girls

"How to Love" by Lil Wayne, but use the Christina Grimmie and Tyler Ward rock cover on Youtube, not the original song. When you get there, just skip to 0:06 for the beginning of the song.

And also a shout-out to my beta, Demelza Llivell for helping me with this chapter. Love you to death, girl! 3

I heard Alice excitedly say to the crowd, "Okay, so our next guest is a new band, and my baby sister is in it!"

The crowd swooned, "Aww!" I smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, it seems only yesterday that I was helping her walk in her diapers, and feeding her, and holding her hand as we crossed the street..."

The crowd laughed, and I heard the guys behind me snicker. I had to stop her before she embarrassed me for life!

"Hey, psst! Psst! Alice! Shut up!" I hissed loudly.

She looked at me from the sidelines and giggled. "Sorry, Bells, you know I had to! Anyway, here they are: My sister and her new band, Duo of the Prime!"

The crowd whooped and screamed as we walked onstage and grabbed our instruments. Edward grabbed his acoustic guitar, strummed it, and spoke into his microphone.

"Hey, guys." He smiled, and the crowd cheered.

"I love you, Edward!" I heard Angela squeal, and I smiled.

"I love you, too, Ang," he replied.

"And for the record," I spoke shyly, "this is not my band; it's his band." I pointed to Edward beside me.

"It's our band," he laughed. "Anyway, we, um, we've got this new song, and we think it could be our first single. It's called 'Two is Better than One', we hope you like it."

I took deep breaths as he started the beginning chords and started to sing:

[Bold: Edward; Italics: Bella; Bold and Italics: Both]

I remember what you wore on the first day 

You came into my life, and I thought, "Hey, 

You know, this could be something."

'Cause everything you do and words you say, 

You know that it all takes my breath away, 

And now I'm left with nothing.

So maybe it's true that I can't live without you, 

And maybe two is better than one; 

But there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life, 

And you've already got me coming undone, 

And I'm thinking two is better than one.

"Here we go," I thought.

I remember every look upon your face. 

The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste; 

You make it hard for breathing.

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away, 

I think of you and everything's okay. 

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