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A/N: What an emotional last chapter that was, huh? I've been getting reviews on how it was too short, and sad, and yeah...but this one's nice and long, just for you!

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I raced my truck as fast as it could go, with tears streaming down my face. Before I knew it, I was hyperventilating, and I knew I had to stop to get my inhaler from my bag. I wasn't an asthmatic, really, but I had slight panic attacks whenever I got really upset. Today was no different, considering I just destroyed my love life right in front of Edward's face.

When I finally got back to my house, I was a sobbing, gasping mess. I reached behind the front seat and grabbed my backpack, frantically looking for my inhaler. My hands found it, and my shaking hands grasped it. I opened it, took a deep breath in, and pressed it into my mouth. The sweet sensation of cool medicated air filled my nose and mouth, and I felt myself being able to breathe again.

I took the inhaler out of my mouth, put the cap back on, and put it in my pocket in case I needed it again.

Now that I was able to breathe again, my head felt better, clearer even. It was then that I finally realized what a complete bitch I had been to Edward. I should've told him from the beginning, back when we were just thirteen years old, how I felt about him. I should've told him that it didn't matter that he didn't love me back, that I would wait until he did. And, I should've told him that the band was more important than having any chance to be together.

Shit! The band!

How was that going to work out now, with so little time to write and rehearse? The prom was only 4 days away, and time was now wasted because of my immaturity. Well done, universe, you made your point once again! I ran inside, and called Edward on my cell phone. It rang three times, and just before I was about to hang up, his voice appeared.

"Hey, it's Edward."

"Edward, I-", I started, but stopped when I heard the rest of his voicemail.

"I can't come to the phone right now, but leave a message, and I'll be sure to get back to you. Thanks!"


I hung up immediately after that, not because I was afraid to talk to him, but because I was just no good at leaving voicemails. It felt as if I was talking to no one, even though the receiving end would hear the message later. I threw the phone down and crashed on my bed, looking at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I remembered the exact day my mom, Rose, and I put them up...

~Flashback, 14 years ago~

"Mommy, where this star go?" my 4-year old self asked my mom, holding up a white star.

My mother laughed, "You can put it over here, right next to mine, honey." She pointed over to the spot above my bed, and I clumsily walked over to her. Before I could fall on my face, I felt slender arms around my waist.

"Whoa," Rosalie's seven-year-old voice laughed, "Don't fall, baby sister."

"Rosie!" I squealed, and I gave her a hug.

She laughed, giving me a hug back. "Want to help Mommy put the star up together?" she asked me.

"Yes, yes!" I jumped up and down in excitement.

She lifted me up and we walked to the wall above my bed. We both put up the white star, giggling as we did. My mom smiled brightly as she saw her two daughters bonding.

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