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A/N: Song used: 'Fixed at Zero' by VersaEmerge


'Decode' by Paramore


- Two days later -

Edward still wasn't speaking to me. I tried calling, texting, tweeting, direct messaging him, but nothing! He would not communicate with me, and that killed. I knew he and I had this problem, but we had an album to finish recording, tracking, and we had to start promo. How were we supposed to do that with him refusing to talk to me? The band tried to help by having meetings and stuff, but that didn't work because, as soon as they were over, he immediately split, not even passing me a glance. His brothers tried to talk to him, but when they reported back to me, they told me he wouldn't come out of his room.

The incident with Tanya and Jake aired on all the entertainment stations on television and radio, including E! News, Entertainment Tonight, US Weekly, Hollywood Life, FUSE, and Z100. It was so embarrassing for my first public appearance to be part of a 'love triangle', as some called it. I'd gotten a lot of hate on Twitter; people were calling me a "bitch," "mousy," "sneaky," for lying to their "idol." I stopped going on Twitter after someone contacted me and told me to go "eff myself because I didn't deserve Edward."

I didn't want to talk to anyone except Edward, and he couldn't even stand to be near me. I didn't know what else to do.

But one day, when I got a text from him, telling me to come into the studio, I was hopeful.

When I got there, the band and Carlisle were there. Carlisle handed me sheet music with a blank look on his face, saying, "Here. New song for the record." He shrugged when I looked at him.

"Where's Edward?" I asked.

"He wants to record separately for this one, you for today, him for tomorrow," Carlisle explained.

"Wait, what? If this is about what happened a few days ago —" I started, getting angry.

"This has nothing to do with that. He just thinks it's better for the song if you did it like this, just this one time," Carlisle added. "What happened out there was a disgrace and completely unnecessary in the hand of an artist. This way, you wont have to see each other and record at the same time."

My head was starting to pound at all of this coming at once. I knew Edward was still mad at me but to let it affect our recording time was out of line. I stormed out of the studio, walked outside, and called Edward's cell. It went straight to voicemail, and after the tone, I exclaimed in a low voice, "Edward, I don't think I understand you anymore. I know you're still mad at me, but are you really going to be a big baby about it and not talk to me when we have an album to record, track, mix, and release? Suck up your goddamn pride and get down here! Now!"

I ended the call and gave myself time to calm down after that. Then, I reluctantly went back inside the studio.

"We're not doing this until Edward gets here; do you hear me?" I called to everyone.

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