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For the next three days, Edward, the band, and I practiced for the prom. Paul was less of an asshole for all three of them; maybe Edward and him had a talk again about how important this was, and it finally sank in for Paul. I hoped it did, because I didn't know how much more I could take of his sulky attitude. We also worked on a kind of rock cover of "How to Love" by Lil Wayne. I didn't like Lil Wayne very much, but I had to admit, I like that song, and so did everyone else.

As for graduation, the senior class was excited about that, but more excited for prom. We all rehearsed for coming into the auditorium for the introduction ceremony; sitting down into our seats alphabetically, which sucked because I couldn't see Edward from the back, but ok because my sisters and Angela were near me. Then we'd stand up to go outside for the closing ceremony, where all of the parents would see us get our diplomas. I imagined our-Alice's, Rose's, and mineâ€"parents would look in those stands. Mom would've most definitely cried, Dad would cry too, but try to hide it…I looked away from the stands quickly, my hand unconsciously touching my mother's ring on my right hand.

And as for Jake and I, I got my Principal and his principal to sign everything needed for him to go to prom with me. Edward didn't know I called him yet, but I would tell him sooner.

After another grad rehearsal on Thursday, the whole lot of us went to the Cullens' home to rehearse for prom again, for the last time. Edward's family came to see us play as well, which made me even more nervous, but I got through it ok.

"That was better than ok!" Emmett boasted after I asked how we did.

"Really?" I asked shyly.

"Hells yeah, Bella," Jasper added, "Prom's gonna rock so hard because of you guys."

I smiled, and the band packed up to leave.

"Hey, Edward," I turned to him.

He turned to me. "Yeah." He didn't look tortured to talk to me like he had last week, just curious.

"I called Jake last Saturday, and we're all set for prom tomorrow," I told him, checking to get a response from him.

His face held no emotion. It was as if I told him I'd gotten new curtains for my living room. "Oh, ok. That's...that's great. I know you'll have fun." Then he turned away when Esme called his name.

I stood in my spot, shocked. I was almost certain I would've gotten a reaction from that. I turned to Alice and Rose and shrugged, more confused than before. They frowned in confusion as well, but Alice looked determined. Determined to get us together in the end.

We just hoped that prom night tomorrow would work out.

A/N: Prom night is a go for the next chapter!

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