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Previously... (BPOV)

Before I could cry again, the girls helped me fix myself up, and Alice sewed my dress back together with her Emergency Kit in her purse. When I was finally ready to come out, I gave all my girls a hug, thanking them. Then I walked out and gasped.


I was impatiently waiting outside the girls' bathroom, leaning against the wall, and tapping my foot against the floor, waiting for Bella to come out with her sisters and best friend.

Before, when Bella had told me to go backstage to get a towel, I had been confused as to why her mood suddenly changed so quickly. I'd tried to look and see what was wrong, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I went backstage. I changed out of my sweaty clothes, so I hadn't seen Bella and Tanya screaming at each other until Emmett came and told me. I thought they had been arguing for a while before I'd came down, but I'd missed the beginning of their conversation. I'd asked Em what he'd heard, but he didn't know much either. I'd had a feeling he'd lied to spare my feelings, but why?

When I had gotten to the scene, I had to struggle to get to the girls because almost everyone was surrounding them. I finally got to them when Tanya had taunted to Bella. "Why do you even care? Why do you even care who Edward is with, unless you like him or something?"

Oh, no. Oh, no, Tanya, not here, not now!

Seeing my best friend's tear-struck face made it even worse. "Shut up!" Bella cried, crossing her arms around herself. Then, I wanted to go up to her and take her away from the embarrassment she must have been feeling, but the shock of it all forced my feet to stay put.

"No, wait," Tanya had laughed, "You don't just like him, you-"

No! That's when I drew the line. I'd pushed past Jasper and stormed over. "Tanya, stop!" I barely looked at Bella as I walked over to my bitch of a girlfriend. She had actually shrunk where she was standing, shocked. Good. "Why are you doing this, here of all places?"

"Oh, I'm just trying to put your little friend," she sneered at me, "here in her place, showing her where she stands! Because she loves someone she'll never have!"

And that's when Bella ran. She tripped a few times, but that didn't stop her from wanting to get the hell away from there. And I didn't blame her.

"Bella! Wait!" I started after her, but Tanya grabbed my hand.

"Edward, don't worry about that "

"Get off me!" I snatched my hand back and walked away from her quickly. I heard the rest of the students snicker, but I paid them no mind. I just had to get to Bella. I followed her beautiful brown head and stopped when she got to the girls' bathroom. The DJ tried to bring the prom back around with loud dance music, and I watched as the rest of our class danced away, not having a care about the sobbing girl in the bathroom.

I slid to the bottom of the wall and ran my hands through my hair, frustrated. I still wanted to take a break from Tanya now more than ever, since I still had mixed feelings about her, but right now all I wanted was to comfort my best friend. Where were her sisters, anyway?

Ten minutes later, I was still sitting outside the girls' bathroom, with my head between my knees. Once or twice, I heard Bella's sniffles, and my heart broke.

I looked up a bit, and a pair of long legs stood in front of me.

"Hey, boyfriend," Tanya crooned in my ear. I didn't look up. She sighed, and she helped me stand up. "Come on, Eddie. Your friend will be fine," she whispered, running her hands through my hair.

Not wanting my building temper get me in trouble, I quickly pulled her hands away from me.

"Hey, what's " she whined, but I had to cut in.

"Tanya, I think we need a break. No, I know we need a break." I said lowly.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Aw, you want to get away from here? Is that it?"

"No, it's not!" I pushed her away firmly, but not enough to hurt her, I didn't think. "Tanya, do you not see what you did? You not only hurt my best friend, but you embarrassed yourself in front of the whole senior class! And what is going on between you and Jake?"

"How dare you accuse me of seeing someone else, Edward? I love you!" she screamed back at me.

"Yeah? Well, you have a great way of showing it," my voice dripped with sarcasm. "I need some time away from you, so I can sort out what this" I gestured to the air between us "is."

Tanya actually looked hurt, but before she could say anything, she kissed me. I groaned in protest and pushed her back, just as Bella's gasp sounded beside me.

Bella ran away from me again, not looking back.

"Bella! Wait!" I called, but she was nowhere to be found.

I turned back to Tanya, who was wearing a smug smile playing around her lips. "Why did you do that?" I growled. "Didn't you listen to anything I just told you?!"

She scoffed, and I walked away. She called after me, "This is always about her, isn't it? It always comes back to poor, innocent baby Bella!"

I ignored her, and I finally found Bella, standing around her table with my brothers and her sisters.

"I know, why doesn't she just take herself and just go back where she came from!" Tanya screeched, running past me to Bella.

I didn't realize what Tanya was going to do until it was too late.


Bella cried bloody murder and fell across the floor.

And all I did was stand there, shell shocked at what Tanya had just done.

Everyone came crowding around the two of them once again, yelling "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Tanya yelled in my best friend's face and started to attack her, but Rose, Alice, and I raced over there to try to stop her, before she killed the girl we all loved. And when Tanya got pissed, she was hard to manage. It took all three of us to finally pry her hands off Bella and to pull Tanya away from her.

"We need to get out of here!" Rose yelled in my ear. "Before we're all expelled!"

I nodded, lifting an unconscious Bella off the floor and out of the gym with my brothers and her sisters. I heard the principal and chaperones calm everyone down and announce the end of prom, but at that point, I didn't care. I didn't even care about winning prom king. All I cared about was the broken, embarrassed girl in my arms, and I prayed to God that she would be okay.

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