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"I love you," I whispered.

He smiled, brighter than I ever seen him, and wiped my eyes, "I love you, too."

I brought his head closer to mine, and kissed him deeply. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist, lifting me up a bit, and my arms snaked around his neck. We kept at it until I couldn't breathe.

I stepped down and gave him the note. He looked confused, but he took it and opened it.

"What's this?" he asked, but smiled when he read:

"Will you be my boyfriend again?"

"Yes, of course, I never stopped," he smiled, and I giggled, hugging him. I'd never let go again.


Song used: "Stand" by Flyleaf | love this song! It just touches my spirit!

We all went inside the house, with Edward and I hand-in-hand behind them. Everyone else said their welcome's while inside. Edward looked much better, compared to last year. He was clean-shaven, dressed in a dark blue sweater and dark wash jeans, and snowboots. He was smiling a mile a minute, and always laughing at Emmett's jokes.

We sat down on the couch, watching everyone else bring Edward's luggage in. He held my hand, and ran small circles around my knuckles all day. I leaned my head against his shoulder, making him wrap an arm around both of mine.

"You ok?" He mumbled in my hair.

I nodded, "Yeah, everything's perfect now."

I felt him smile and kiss my hair. "Yeah, it is." He said.

"How are you, though?" I asked.

"Yeah, Ed, how are you doing?" Emmett jumped on the couch next to us.

"I'm good, really good. Therapy was a good idea. It really helped figure everything out with Jake, and Bella, and Dad, and just everything that I've been so mad about for my whole life. I'm not so angry anymore." he smiled. He looked at me, and I felt blood creep into my cheeks. I looked down, hiding a smile behind my hand.

Emmett clapped the back of Edward's back and smiled, "Proud of you, baby brother."

Edward laughed his thanks and turned to Kate, "Oh and Kate?" She turned around and her smile fell a bit. She must have been remembering her last tense conversation with him a year ago. Edward smiled, stood up, and took her hand. "I'm sorry for the way I treated you before I left. I shouldn't have yelled. Forgive me?"

Kate blushed and nodded. She hugged his waist. "But if you ever do that again, I'll rip your balls off." She smiled and turned back to Sam.

A shocked Edward returned back to the couch next to me, and I held in my giggles.


I became lead guitarist of the band, and within 3 weeks, our next single, "Stand", came out. We decided to make a live concert video, showing highlights of some shows we've done.

When Edward first heard the song, he wasn't sure of our non-believing fans would like it, because we weren't usually so open with faith. I explained that since my treatment and visit to Bree's church, I'd found a calling for spreading more of my up-and-coming faith. I also believed that our fans would understand; the band wasn't suddenly going to start writing Christian music, but we'd slowly show off some of the "new" us. It showed growth in our artistry, instead of writing the same, pop-rock stuff from our first album. Edward had smiled proudly, and said that even though he didn't believe in God, he understood.

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