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The Spotlight is On! Ch 5 

Hi. Sorry I haven't updated lately. Writer's block and life in general got in the way, but I'm back, so I'll be sure to update a lot this summer! 

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters. Stephenie Meyer does. I wish I were her.

When Alice, Rosalie and I got home that day,we went to do our own separate thing. Alice went to her room, Rosalie went to the kitchen to make dinner, and I went off to my room.

I threw my backpack on the floor and sat on my desk, facing my laptop. To get the image of Edward and Tanya walking out the classroom out of my head, I browsed the internet, going on different websites like Youtube, Fanfiction, and MTV. On Fanfiction, I checked all of the stories I favorite and read new chapters of them. Then when I finished those, I went on . The first thing I saw on the home page was an article snippet: "New Partner for Edward Cullen?"

I hesitated before I clicked on the more button.

'The 17-year-old "Come Back To Me" singer has been searching and searching for someone to sing with for a new album for a month now.

"The head of my label, Marissa Rosenberg, and I have been watching all of these different and creative videos on ," he said at our interview last Tuesday, "and we think we've finally reached a breakthrough. Let's just hope she says yes." He smiled that brilliant crooked smile we all love.

So it's a girl! But who is it?'

He's already picked someone. A girl. But who? Was it someone we knew, or a newcomer? I glanced at my cell phone and considered calling him and asking. But I wasn't sure if I could handle him talking about her. I could kind of handle seeing him with Tanya, but this was different. I've never told anyone this, but ever since we met 5 years ago, I've always had a secret crush on Edward. And when he got signed to Hollywood Records and heard him sing, I fell even harder for him. But since he started dating Tanya, I've started to believe that my chances with him were slim to none.

I logged out of that and checked my e-mail. I skimmed through the junk mail, deleted old news, and replied to Angela and other people I knew. No sooner than did I sign out did a new letter appear at the top.

Hollywood - Edward Cullen partner contest.

I gulped. Oh, boy...I ran out of my room and into Alice's.

"Alice! Come quick!" I cried, and she jumped out of her yoga trance on the floor.

"Why? What's wrong?" she asked.

"Just come on, I have to show you something!" I pulled her out and into my room and sat her on my chair. She looked at me with a confused look, glanced at the computer screen, then looked at it again. Her eyes bugged out when she read the title.

"Oh my gosh!" she squealed. "Did you open it yet?"

"Does it look like a opened it yet?" I asked, a little on edge, but calmed down immediatetely. "Read it for me? I'm too nervous." I put my hands behind my back so she wouldn't see them shaking.

"Sure," she smiled, clicked on it, and read aloud:

' "Dear Bella Swan,

We saw your video and were highly impressed. We are also pleased to inform you that you are the one for Edward Cullen's quest for a new partner.'"

She screamed loudly, but I didn't cover my ears. I just stood there, staring at the e-mail…

I won?

I won?



I heard Alice's voice faintly, but I couldn't respond.

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