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Dinner was finally ready after an hour, and we called in everyone else. They all complimented on the delicious scents coming from the foods on the kitchen table. 

"Hey, why don't we go sit in the dining room?" I suggested. "There's more space there." 

"Hey, good idea," Jasper said, and we all helped out with the food, silverware, and napkins. 

As we placed the food on the dining table, I realized that this was the first time my sisters and I used the fancy table since our parents died. We'd been avoiding using it because it just brought back many memories of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays that we couldn't get over. Now that they were gone, we'd have to deal with us using it in their memory. I looked to Alice and Rosalie across from me, and I could tell from their glassy eyes that they remembered the memories too. I smiled at them, and they smiled back. 

We all said grace and sat down to eat. The whole dinner was pretty cheerful and Emmett's jokes kept us laughing the whole time. I felt something brush against my hand, and I looked to see Edward's, who sat next to me, fingers slide against mine. I gasped a bit. 

"Sorry," he whispered in my ear. 

"It's ok," I breathed back, and we continued with dinner. I looked up and saw Alice grin knowingly at me. I tried to glare back, but she innocently shrugged. We would have a long discussion when everyone else left. 

After dinner, the guys helped clear the table, and us girls washed the dishes while they played video games in the basement. 

"So what was that little hand-grab I saw there?" Alice asked me inquisitively while putting the dishes in the dishwasher. 

"Wait, what hand-grab?" Rose asked, curiously drying the dishes. 

I sighed, "Guys..." 

"Don't 'guys' us, Bella," Alice said, "There was something going on there, and we want to know what." 

"There's nothing going on between us," I raised my voice, then whispered, "Seriously. Nothing. so cut it out." 

"I saw the way he looked at you, and today after you two talked in your room." Alice backfired. 

I sighed deeply for the third time that night, slowly counting to ten before I lost it. I got down to the pixie's level and looked deep into her dark brown eyes. "Alice. Listen to me carefully, ok? There. Is. Nothing. Going. On. Between. Edward. And. I. Ok? We're just best friends. And we intend to keep it that way." Ok, the last part was new to me, but I had to get Alice off my back. 

Alice didn't say anything, but just glared. I didn't care; I would glare back forever if it meant that she would get the point. We continued this until we heard a knock on the kitchen door. 

"Uh, ladies," Jasper's voice broke us apart, and I turned around to see everyone in on the scene. One look at Edward's stricken face told me that he had heard every word that I had said to Alice. Before I could run away and cry again, Jasper spoke up again. "We're sorry to interrupt this here, but we really should go. We all got school tomorrow." 

"Oh, right, graduation stuff," Rose added, "We'll walk you out, won't we?" she said the last two words pointedly for us, and we nodded wordlessly. 

We all walked outside to Emmett's Jeep, and the girls gave each of their boyfriends a kiss goodbye, leaving me and Edward to stand beside each other awkwardly. 

"Look, Edward-" I started, but he interrupted me. 

"I have Jake's number here for you," he spoke briskly, holding a piece of paper between his fingers. 

I frowned, almost forgetting about Jake and our "prom date". "Oh, um, right," I said uncomfortably. 

I took the small paper from his hand. 

"I'll see you soon, 'kay?" He asked, giving me an awkward side-hug. 

"Um," he left before I could give him an answer. "'Kay." 


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