Chapter 1

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The Spotlight is On! ch 1
A/N: New story of mine that just popped into my head. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight.

I heard the roar of the audience as I walked center stage.

I smiled in the darkness, and I looked down blindly to find the right keys on the keyboard.

Then, the lights came on, and the audience's cheers increased.

The music to Paramore's Stop this Song started, and I began to sing.

At the first chorus, I heard his voice join mine in perfect harmony.

While still singing, I looked to my right, and saw him coming in.

The audience cheered even louder, and I smiled.

He started walking toward me, smiling his amazing crooked smile, and I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my chest.

I didn't know how I got through the rest of the song without completely falling apart, but I did.

He took my hand, pulling me away from the keyboard, and we took our final bow.

Then we walked offstage, the crowd still cheering, and both of us feeling nothing but ecstasy...

My eyes popped open, and I found myself in my bed. I looked around, not getting up, and sighed deeply.

"Just a dream," I told myself, "It was just a dream...not real..."

But it seemed so real though...I sat up and ran a hand through my brown curls. The roaring cheers, the hot, bright lights, the cell phones, video cameras, and glow sticks flashing in the sea of people, and him. I looked to my alarm clock and saw the time. 3:00 AM. I laid back on my down on my pillow and looked at the ceiling.

Me? Edward Cullen's new singing partner? No way could that happen. I would expect Rosalie or Alice, my older sisters, for something as glamorous as that. My eyes started to droop as all the possible people who would be Edward's new partner floated in my head.

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