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'Did I really??' I think to my self as I slowly get off the bed. I try my best but Luke grabs me and pulls me in closer.

"Where you going??" Luke asked. You can tell he was still very tired.

"Where are you going??" I mocked him under my breathe.

I might as well cuddle up. I turn to face Luke, making my head snuggle in his chest. "why are you such a huge cuddler."

"I don't know" Luke's voice coming on more grumpy. He decides to get up, and I move up with him. "Why'd u sleep here?!"

Gosh, he's so grumpy. All I asked was why he's a huge cuddler. "why do you sound so pissed?"

Luke rubs his eyes. "I'm sorry... I'm just not a morning person. Even if we do have to wake up at 4 in the morning for concerts"

"CONCERT!" Shit I forgot I was going to a fall out boy concert yesterday. There my favorite band and it was there last concert in Arizona.

"Jazmine?? Hellooo... Concert, what?" Luke waves his hand back and forth in front of my face making me come back from my own thoughts.

"Oh...uh..i was suppose to go to a Fall Out Boy concert last night" I leant my elbows on my knees.

"That's a bummer, you missed the concert and you paid for a ticket for it" He gets off the bed and puts on some pants. Black jeans of course.

"Not a total lost, I didn't pay for the ticket."

"What do you mean you didn't pay for the ticket." Luke questioned. "you need it to go in"

"Yeah, but not for me." I got up off the bed and walked into the other room.

Clarissa didn't know I went with the boys, so I texted her letting her know what was going on.

"What do you mean 'not for me'" Luke asked taking a seat next to me on the couch.

"It's called sneaking in." I drag on. A lot of people sneak into concerts without paying. That reminds me of Dawn.

~Flash Back~

"wait..wait... there's two security guards" Dawn held me back from going over the gates that leads to the entrance for the concert.

This first gate was like a check in. The security guards had to check wristbands and everything, but we made our own wristbands. Fakes.

We couldn't go past these guys cause they would know that we have fake wristbands.

We had to wait a couple more minutes because the guards were a checking a few more people. Then they left and we snuck through a hole in the fence.

"They're gonna start soon!" I get excited as me and Dawn walk over to the stage and its surrounded with about a hundred or more people.

"They're opening is gonna be GREAT!" Dawn screams.

It's about 6pm so the sun was setting and BOOM!

"Wooooooh!!!" Dawn and I scream in unison.

The guitars are being strummed, the drums are being banged and the songs are being sung.

"Alex!!!" Dawn yells out.

The sun made their performance look so much better. It went well with the lights since the concert was outside.

Me and Dawn were rocking out to one of their new songs, Kicking and Screaming. The way he yells 1 2 3 4, is thee best! I love their studio recording on the album but everything is better live.

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