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Jazmine's POV

"Why are we taking the tour bus?" I asked the boys.

"We begged management to let us take the tour bus, so we could have personal space," Ashton spoke.

"Don't you guys have a meet and greet in California?" I wanted to be reassured.

"Yeah but we were meant to have five days off in L.A before the three meet and greets," Michael joined the conversation.

"Why are you talking...... aren't you the one who always loses his passports and everything?" I inquired.

"That's true..." Luke laughed, "but he is right."

"Oh okay," I told Luke as I place my backpack on the tour bus floor.

"Ah guys! There's only four bunks!" Ashton complained.

"But there's five of us," Michael added.

"Yeah we know," Calum jumped into the conversation.

"I could share a bunk with Jazmine," Luke faces towards me, "I mean, if it's okay with you?"

Hahahah HE WANTS TO SLEEP WITH ME. Not a big deal I guess. For the past week Luke and I became close friends. We found out that we have a lot in common.

"Sure," I laughed with a blush,"why not?"

"Jazmine do you play video games?" Michael asked.

"Uh yeah, I guess?" I answered hoping he wasn't going to ask me to play with him.

"You want to play with us?" He insisted.

"uh....I don't know, isn't it kinda late to be playing games?" I really didn't want to play games.

"She could watch a movie with me," Luke muttered.

I turn to look at Luke and my face bumps into his chest. I feel embarrassed so I cover my face with one hand as I make my way to the front of the tour bus.

"Sorry, didn't mean to stand to close to you," Luke apologized.

"No its fine, i'm just really clumsy," I admit.

"No your not," He laughs.

"hah, so what movie are we watching?"

"Oh you really want to watch a movie with me?" Luke questioned.


"oh I just thought you really didn't want to play video games, so I came up with a excuse for you," Luke said.

"Well then thanks for that, but i'm gonna watch a movie on the bunk, and we sleep on the same bunk sooooo, I guess you have to watch what I want to watch," I implied.

" I guess you're right," Luke laughed.

God he looked so damn cute while he laughed.

"I'm in the inside," I told him as we walked to the back top bunk. This tour bus had those back room covered with a mirror, so mine and Luke's bunk was on the top left.

"No problem," said Luke.

I'm not sure how to go up here I usually take the bottom bunk, but Luke wanted to sleep on the top. I try to stretch my legs to reach the top of the bunk but I cant get up.

"Hahahah, step on the bottom bunk," Luke advised me.

I turn around and laugh, "thanks!"

I step on the bottom bunk and it makes it easier to climb onto the top bunk.

"Come on Jazmine, you're taking so long," Luke laughed and pushed my butt.

"Luke! Don't touch my ass!" I complained, although it felt nice.

I slam myself towards the wall of the bunk and Luke rolls himself towards me.

"Luke..." I called his name.

"Yeah..." he looked at me with a gaze.

"Umm, your kinda beautiful yourself... I mean not beautiful, but you know, um....like your kinda cute... not kinda but like a lot...I mean ugh," I sigh and face the other way so Luke cant see my face.

I feel so dumb, I tried to give Luke a hint that I liked him but I fucked it up. Now he'll think i'm weird and never like me.

"Jazmine?" Luke whispers, grabbing my hand making me turn to face him.

I look at him signaling that he can say what he wanted to say.

"Are you okay?" Luke pushes away the hair in my face, placing it behind my ear.

'Are you okay?' Was I okay? I wasn't sure. No one really asked me that before, at least not sincerely. I feel A tear fall from my eyes and Luke wipes it away.

"Jazmine...please don't cry. If it was anything I did i'm sorry," Luke stared.

I remove my hand from his grip to fix my hair and wipe my face.

"No its not you, its just... I get nervous around you and when I mess up it reminds me of all the things that happened before," I let him know its not his fault, although it kinda is.

"I get nervous around you too, and sometimes I feel weird cause I don't really open up to anyone so I have to play it off, and the only way I knew how, was to act mean," Luke confessed.

"So is this like confession time?" I wonder.

"I guess yeah," Luke nudged.

"okay well then... I have to tell you something and if you don't feel the same way then... im not sure but here it goes," I begin, "I like you, and by that I mean I really... really like you,"

I feel like he's surprised because his eyes lit up and widened.

"Jazmine.... I love you," Luke admitted.

He loved me? WOW that felt so good, it felt so special to hear those words... I love you.

I wasn't really sure what to say. I love Luke, a lot actually but I wasn't ready to say those words. Each time I said those words, is be told to shut up or they'd tell me I was a joke.

"You too.." Was all I said.

"You are okay though?" Luke asked.

I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, "yeah I am... so, that movie?" I continued, "Still wanna watch?"

"Of Course!" He nodded.

I scrolled through the movies I had on my laptop, trying to find something Luke would like.

"MEAN GIRLS!" Luke eagerly screamed.

"Hahahah, you like Mean girls?" I laughed.

Luke laughed with a grin, "I love Mean Girls!"

We both laughed at the fact that Luke loved the movie Mean Girls. It wasn't bad or anything, it was just really funny that he would like a movie like that. Although it is a funny movie.

We've watched more than half of the movie by now.

"Skank!" I blurred out as she made out with her so called friends crush.

"She is one!" Luke agreed.

The rest of the night we watched mean girls one and two.


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