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I woke up at 5 today. Today was Sunday and I had to go to work. I didn't really like going to work so early since I go to sleep at like 2 in the morning but the past few days when I met Luke them I've been going to sleep at 9 or 10.

Since today was Sunday, I-Hop closed at 4pm and my shift was from 7:30 am to 12:30. I got to work at 6:30 just to help set up tables. It wasn't really that busy this morning. I was working with Chelsea today. The one that helped make the vines for the entrance of Musical Beach.

I heard the doorbell ring and there was this lovely couple. "Good morning, young couple" I greeted the elder couple being so cute.

"Awe, you're so nice" The nice lady told me and said her name was Fiona.

"I'm John" the old man told me, smiling at his wife.

"Follow me to your table" I lead them to a booth."Would you like some coffee"

"Yes please, young lady" Fiona answers.

"Here's your coffee. Would you guys like anything to order" I ask.

"Just two orders of French toast please...that's all" John orders for him and Fiona

"Coming right up" I go to the back and give the kitchen their order.

"Here you are" I place their toast on their table. "Could have more coffee, love?"

I giggle and pour more coffee and walk to the front.

"Hey Jazmine" Chelsea comes up from behind.

"Hey, how are you?" I ask fixing up the menus on the

"Im fine, how's your guest" Chelsea talks about Fiona and John.

"They are so sweet and cute" I answer.

"And old" we both laugh.

"You're so mean" I joke around.

I hear the door bell ring I look at the entrance camera and I see..... The boys! Shit! I don't want them to see me, especially Luke. Since what happen yesterday, I didn't know how he could be such and Angel going to sleep then the next morning, be such a bitch.

I run to the kitchen and Chelsea follows.

"Remember the boys I was talking to you about last night on the phone" I tell her looking at the waiting area.

"Yeah?" She says Ina questioning way.

"Well, you see those boys over there. Thats them!"

"Ooooooh! Well it's your turn to seat them."

"No! I can't"

"But I already served 2-"

"Please, Clarissa." I begged her. I really didn't want to see them, well I kinda I wanted to see everyone besides Luke. He being a fuck yesterday.

"Okay. Whatever " Chelsea gave in.

"Thank you!" I felt so relieved that I didn't need to see Luke's face.

I pushed her out of the kitchen and she starts talking. "I don't even know them" she says already on the other side of the kitchen door.

I turn around and everyone is looking at me. "what?"
I say and even goes back to what they are doing.

I see that Chelsea seats them next to the elder couple I was serving. Oh gosh I forgot I was serving someone. I quickly walk over to the table covering my face with a menu.

"Here's your check, whenever your ready just meet at the front counter. I'm sorry I took too long to get the check" I apologize.

"No worries young lady" Fiona gives me relief. I didn't want them to be upset or anything. I walk over to the front counter with the married couple behind.

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