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The After walking home and crying myself to sleep, I woke up to My phone going off. It was Luke, he was texting me. I read the text messages one by one. Just asking what happened and why I left.

Why'd I leave, you're the one who told me to hide. That's what I wanted to send him but I didn't. I get a new text from Ashton.

Ashton: What happened? Luke said you left him.

Me: he told me to go away and hide.

Ashton: he's protecting you

Me: protecting me?!?? From what?

Ashton: publicity,hate..

Me: why would he care!

Ashton:Jazmine I know you've been through a lot and everything but you have to believe me, Luke cares about you.

Me: I doubt that....

Ashton: really..... Do you really doubt that Jazmine???.

Me: yeah yeah yeah, whatever.

Ashton: Are you doing anything today??

Me: sleeping and such.

Ashton: Kay good you're coming with us.

Me: to where??

Ashton: we're going to a meet and greet.

Me: I don't wanna go

Ashton: why?!?

Me: I don't wanna see Luke ...but I'd love to go.

Ashton: aussie, awesome!

Me: brazil, brilliant!

Ashton: haha, be ready by 12.

Me: lol, bye!

Talking to Ashton was like talking to an older brother, or like a boy- best- friend. he was so understanding but fair. Since we were going to a meet and greet, I decided to blend in. I noticed that all the fans I've seen when Luke ditched me, had colored hair. So I went to Walmart to get that chalk thing that colors your hair.

I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror and stride my hair with blue hair chalk. it actually looked nice, but it got all over my hands.

I put on black ripped jeans, white converse and a checkered tank top. Black and white, except for my hair. I take a look at the clock and it was five minutes before 11.

I hear my phone and go to answer it.

"Hi!" I answer.

"We're outside" Ashton says through the phone.

"Be right out"

I walk outside and there's a huge RV.

"Hey Ash!" I hug him and stare at this bus in front of me.

"Where's your bags???" He looks at me.

"Bags?!? Bags for what?" I was lost.

"You are coming to the meet and greet with us aren't you?"

"Yeah.... But what do I need bags for?"

"Hahaha, the meet and greet is in Florida"

"Florida?!?!?" I scream " I thought it would be just, like the down the road or something! Ashton I can't go"

"Jazmine, you already said yes" Ashton reminded me.

"I know but...... never mind" I tried coming up with a reason not to go, but I was bad at lying. "I'll have to go get my luggage"

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