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"Is someone fucking having sex?!" Calum yells shockingly.

"Ssshhhh!" I whisper. Sex? Who has sex in a tour bus?

"Who the fuck is in here?" Calum whispers loudly.

We get closer to the back room and the noises gets louder.

"HEY!" Calum yells angrily opening the door to the back room.

"Luke......wha....what, what is this?" I stutter.

"Jazmine...." He carelessly speaks," I could explain.

"Clarissa?" I shockingly mumble with tears falling from my eyes. "Why?..." I take a step back.

"How...how could you?" I cry out. My hands start to shake and I feel a cold breeze hit my face. My heart stops for a second.

"Luke...What the fuck dude!" Calum walks over to me, "C'mon Jazmine lets go!"

"No," I cry, "Luke..how could you? Especially you Clarissa! I thought you were my friend!" I notice my eyes getting watery by the second and I'm tear-blurred.

Clarissa looks at me with disgust, "I was never your friend!"

I take a deep breathe from all the crying and I ran. I ran as far as I could've. I lean against a lamp post taking in what just happened. My so called best friend and my so called boyfriend, the love of my life, just, "UGH!" I scream in frustration. I look up to stop the tears from blurring my eyes.

I walk across the street with weak knees. I go inside the gas station and everyone looks at me. I go to the cashier and ask if they have a bathroom.

"Back left corner," He points to the back with pity in his eyes.

I lock the door behind me and lean with my hands against the rim of the sink.

I leave my head facing the ground, rocking back and forth trying to think of why they would do that.

I'm too afraid to look at myself in the mirror, I do it anyways.

"I'm a mess" I cry to myself. I slowly look up and my face is run down with mascara.

My eyes are cherry red with veins popping. I take a look down at my wrists and I start to cry much more. I slide my back down the door and take a seat on the bathroom floor.

My breathing gets unsteady as I take out the blades from my bag. With each slide of the blade, I whimper with blood flowing down my arms. Straight cuts and X's are all I see. Open cuts and blood covered arms. I drop the blade and it bounces away.
I slowly get up from the floor getting help from the door knob.

I lean on the sink and wash the run down make up. The cold water felt nice dripping on my face. I turn the water warm temp and wash the dry blood off my arms. I fix my hair into a high pony tail, leaving a views shorter hairs flowing out.

I pick up my belongings that I spilled out my bag looking for my blades.

As I walk out the door I pull my flannel on. I know that my are still very red and probably will stay that way for a long time.

I stroll the streets. I shuffle my playlist and try to get lost in my music. The first song that comes on is Just one yesterday by Fall Out Boy. This song explains exactly how I feel right. I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.

Luke's POV

I stand nakedly in shame as Jazmine speaks.

"No!" She cries, "Luke how could you? Especially you Clarissa! I thought you were my friend?" She pleads.

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