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3weeks later

"It's been 3 weeks already, isn't Jazmine suppose to be here already?" I ask.

"Luke, you've went 3 weeks without Jazmine it's not that hard," Michael tells me.

"But it is hard Michael, you just don't understand,"

"I don't get what's so hard about it,"

"I love her, there's a big difference between me and you Michael.... I fell in love," I stormed off.

We had a show tonight and Jazmine was suppose to be opening for us. I decided to cool off in the dressing room. Rehearsals wasn't over yet but I didn't want to do any more rehearsing. We were about done anyways.

"Luke it's time," Ashton informs me.

I get from the floor and pick up my water bottle.

We wait a few minutes before going on stage.

On stage i feel so free.

later in the show

There's a couple more songs before the show ends.

Tonight, I didn't want to end the show with What I like about you.

"Okay guys!" I speak into the microphone. "I kinda want to switch up a little tonight,"

"What...what is he talking about?" Calum asked the crowd.

"I want to sing one of my top favorite song, Lego house. I know it's different but let's give it a try, huh?" I asked and the crowd went crazy.

"What do you guys think, should we?" The boys asked the fans, and they all screamed.

"Why not?" Ashton added.

I switched to my acoustic guitar and started up the cords.

"I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house" I sing the first lyric.

Jazmine's POV

Few minutes away from the arena, I get a phone call.

"Hello" I answer the phone. It's the police.

My emotions become turned. I hang up the phone and I'm shocked.

The police told me that Luke was drugged, but he didn't know. Clarissa drugged Luke and claimed she was me. So Luke wouldn't have known until afterwards.

"Ma'am excuse me Ma'am!" The driver gets my attention.

"Thank you," I exit the vehicle.

I make my way through the crowd. Over the last few weeks I actually gained a few fans of myself.

I started tweeting again. I stopped because I was getting a lot of hate. I seen that Luke tweeted someone, it was the girl that I made Ashton follow. The same girl that Luke didn't want him to follow.

That made me smile that Luke felt bad. Felt bad for being a jerk. I kind of feel like a jerk.

He apologized more than once and I didn't let him explain.

I come to the side entrance of the stage an I see Luke. I feel my heart drop and chills are sent through my body.

He starts singing Lego house and his voice sounds so strained. "Out of all these things I've done I think I love you better," Luke sings.

His voice sounds so.......sad, it's hard to bare. Tears come to my eyes and I run to the nearest room. I walk into a dark room and go to the farthest corner past the couch.

I cry for a few minutes before the lights go on. I slowly get up to see a crying Luke entering the room. I run up to him, embracing him into a hug. I hug him tight clinging onto the back of his shirt. He hugs me back, trying to silence his tears.

I cry into his shirt and take in the moment. He squeezes me tighter and I enjoy the comfort and release from the hug. He holds my waist and I stare into his eyes. Both our faces covered in tears.

He wipes my face, "I'm sorry..." Luke cries.

I ignore him and hug him once more.

"I'm sorry Jazmine....I'm sorry for everything," He pauses, "I love you,"

"I.. I love you..." I stutter.

He walks me over to the couch and we both take a seat.

"I missed you..." Luke starts the conversation.

"I missed you too..."

"Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive, it wasn't your fault anyways,"

"The police told you too?" Luke shyly asks.

"Yeah... why? Isn't it good that I know,"

"Yeah...it's just that I thought it was you that I was...you know,"

"Having sex with?"


"Luke... I don't want to be crying anymore,"

"And I don't want you to cry,"

"Let's just start over"

"Good idea," Luke stands up from the couch reaching for my hand.

I place my hands in his and snuggle out the door.


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