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"Anything..." Luke answers.

I slowly show him my arms and I see his eyes widen. "I have a dark past."

"Jazmine............... did I make you do this?" He grabs a hold of my arm and rub my cuts.

"No, well.....yes" I told him. "just these new ones... but it wasn't really you... I mean..."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know about all this." Luke brings me closer to him and kisses my scars.

"It's fine, not a lot of people know." I wrap my arms around his body.

"It's not fine..... i shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

I spent a whole hour telling Luke my story. I told Ashton, but it was less than half of my story. I only told him that I cut once or twice, that's a lie.

Me and Luke just sit there and take in each other's presence.

"Take this" Luke hands me his green day shirt.

"Thanks" I get up and put the shirt on, then slam myself right back into his arms.

Luke's POV

Jazmine was still in her bra and pants so I gave her my shirt. She fell asleep and I slowly laid her down.

I walked out of this room and The bus suddenly stopped.

"What happened?" I steady my balance.

"I'm going to see Bryana" Ashton jumps up and shakes my shoulders.

"Don't touch me" I say.

"Oh sorry... just excited" Ashton smiles and sits back down.

"We also, have a meet and greet" Calum speaks up from his bunk.

"Oh yeah, sorry I forgot" I take a seat next to Michael.

"Shucks, I forgot " I hear Ashton mumble. I think he really likes Bryana. He loves hanging out with her.

"Guys remember when j got a game boy for my birthday from this fan?" Michael still remembers that.

"Yeah, what about her?" Calum asks as he gets down from his bunk.

"She's gonna be here again" said Michael.

"How do you know??" I ask and take a look and Ashton is texting someone. Probably Bryana.

"She just DM'd me" He answers.

"That's nice" Calum farts and we all back up.

"Really bro?" Ashton opens up the window and we see fans standing behind the barrier.

They didn't see us open the window so I decided to start singing. "I wish that I could wake up with Amnesia!"

The fans hear me and they all start singing back. "Forget about these stupid things!" They all sing back.

A fan yelled breadstick and I started laughing. She was wearing a tomato costume and her face was painted red. She was so cute.

"Guys we have to get going" Our tour management came through the door with security guards.

We get pulled out of the bus and girls jump over the barrier. Good thing we got in the building before they could reach us.

Usually we would go to our hotel before we go to the meet and greet, but there was a few problems on the way with Jazmine.

"Jazmine! the bus! She's still in there" I panic and the boys just stare at me like I'm stupid.

"Luke?!?" Calum points behind me.

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