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"What?" I ask. Luke stared at me eating for the past five minutes.

"You look cute eating," he smirks.



"That's such a creepy thing to say," I laugh.

"You wanna hear something creepier?" Luke asks me.

"I'm not sure if I want to,"

He lifts himself off the chair and leans over the table. His lips subtlety touches my ear.

"You smell different when your sleeping..." Luke whispers in my ear.

"Okay...now that was way more creepy," I laugh.

I turn my attention back at Luke and he's staring again. "Luke...your staring again,"

"I'm sorry it's hard not to look at you"

I smile and grab a hold of his hand, "I love you,"

"I love you," His voice becomes soft, "Can tell you something?"

"Of course," I answer.

"It's been almost a year since we met, and when we first met there was something in the back of my head telling me that you were the one, that day that you took me and Ashton to the beach I was jealous that you and Paulo was so close, when you went into the tunnel of the wave I thought some thing bad was gonna happen to you and I felt so scared, when I said those mean things to you I wanted to kill myself afterwards, I just didn't want you to find out that I  had feelings for you, you made me feel wanted, you made me feel alright, you stayed by my side even when I hurt you the most, your the most genuine person I've ever met, I fell in love with you, your kind, smart, beautiful, talented, adventurous, the list can keep going, as does my love for you. You  said yes to be my girlfriend, we went on dates, we rocked out, we fighted, we cried, we laughed, and I don't want us to ever go separate ways. I want you and only you. Jazmine Leage Blair, would you please make me the luckiest guy and....marry me?"

He kneels down on one knee and proposes. I feel tears running down my face and he wipes them away.

"Yes...." I cry.

Luke slides the ring onto my finger and picks me up off the ground. He kisses me Intensely and lets my feet touch the surface below us.

"Oh my god," I whisper ecstatically, "I can't believe this..."

"What?" Luke questions with deep red cheeks.

"I'm marrying the love of my life..."

"Jazmine...Leage...Hemmings...sounds pretty good to me," 

"Let's get out of here,"

We walk on a path lit up by Christmas lights. I'm guessing  its some path to get back to the car. 

"Luke!" I shouted playfully as he picks me up and swings me over his shoulder, "Luke put me down,"

"No..." Luke chuckles, " You walk to slow," He says picking up his pace.

I look back to see if we were near the end of the path and I could see the car parked at the very end of the field.

" Finally," I exhaust, Luke putting me down.

"Who do you want to tell first?" Luke asks me as we walk to the car.

"I guess, your family," I insisted.

"They already know...." Luke informed me.

"They already know???" I'm shocked.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" He asks worriedly.

"No it's....my family wouldn't approve of me getting married,"

"Approve of me?"

"No! No, no, not you...it's just they wouldn't want me to be happy..."

"Don't worry about anything...I'll make sure you'll never live without happiness,"

"Thanks babe......"


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