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Jazmine's POV

The boys weren't done yet so I decided to go out and take a look at all their fans.

I walk out and I all I hear is chatter. Its been over an hour but there's still many people.

They put the stand across from the dressing room... I don't know why but they could've put it right by the dressing.

I make the decision to walk across the room to where the boys were. As I was walking it seemed to get a little quieter.... I looked at the crowed line of fans and most of them were looking at me.

I looked up to the guys and they looked at me like they seen a ghost. As I got closer, just a few feet away.... I get pulled back into a near by hall, where the fans couldn't see me.

"Who do you think you are?!?" I turn around and ask this lady. "What do you think you're doing just pulling me into a damn hall way like you own me!" I confront her.

"Um...." The lady clears her throat. "I'm Janice...."

"Janice?" I asked "Janice who?"

"I am Janice Jones.... the manager of 5 seconds of summer" Janice spoke.

"The manager?....... I thought Simon Cowell was their manager?" I asked.

"That's one direction's producer" Janice said.


"But I am very close friends with Simon!" Janice said.

"Okay.... but, am I in trouble or?........" I wondered.

"No you are not in trouble but I would like to talk to you." She continued, "if that's okay with you?"

"Sure no problem, continue" I told Janice.

"Not here, I have to go to a meeting right now but we will schedule a time and place" Janice implied, "Heres my business card, call me when you and the boys land in L.A."

She walked off with two security guards. I wonder what she wanted to talk about and who was we?

"JAZMINE!" Someone screams in my ear and I jump.

I turn around and its Luke.

"Luke!" I hit him on his stomach, " you scared me"

"Sorry beautiful" Luke apologized.

Beautiful? I was beautiful? He called me beautiful..... no one really called me beautiful before. That made me feel... well beautiful...for once in my life.

"Luke?....did you just call me beautiful?" I ask making sure he knew what he said.

"Um.....yeah I did!" Luke said.

"Thanks!" I blushed.

"Awe! How cute!" Michael squeezed our cheeks.

"Oh ha.... that's..... that was...just a joke" I walked off to their dressing, leaving luke with Michael.

I close the door behind me and I slide my self down. I got so nervous when Michael did that. I didn't know what to say besides, ' it was a joke '. I start to pull my hair at roots, thinking it would stop me from acting weird and stuttering.

"Jazmine??????" I hear a voice , sounding like Calum.

I look up and it's him.

He gives me a hand and pulls me from off the ground. "Luke?" He asks.

Luke? Why would ask about Luke? Is it that obvious that everything is about luke, cause it really isn't. I mean I've done this many times over the week and I've been taking to Calum about Luke a lot and..... oh.... it is that obvious.

"Yeah... it is, haha again"

"What happen?" Calum asks.

"Nothing much, he just called me beautiful and I blushed but then Michael called us cute and I got nervous and said that Luke was just telling a joke and... ugh I don't know" I frustratingly spoke as I slam myself into the sofa of the dressing room.

"You know he likes you right?" Calum told me.

LUKE LIKED ME?!?!? Luke.....hahahah..... can't be the same Luke I'm talking about because the luke I'm talking about would never like a girl like me. He so wow and I'm so ew. It can't be.

"Jazmine??? Jazmine? Are you still there?" Calum catches me speaking silently under my breathe.

"Oh yeah.... I'm still here" I reinsure him.

"Did you hear what I said?" He asks, "you Luke likes yo-"

I cut him off, "yeah, I heard you,"

Luke's POV

"You know she likes you right?" Michael says.

She likes me?????? Jazmine.....Jazmine as in our Jazmine. How could a girl like her like a guy like me. I'm just a weird blonde boy and she's this beautiful girl with so much talent. Michael must be talking about some fan or something because it isn't the Jazmine that walked off to the dressing room. No way!

"How do YOU know? How WOULD you know?" I questioned Michael.

"Well....I don't know... but she always gets nervous around you" Michael brought up her nerves.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"like just a few seconds ago...." Michael pointed out, "You called her beautiful...she blushed and she ran to the dressing room."

Michael had a point but I still couldn't believe it.


"yeah...what?" I asked Michael what he was going to say.

"You should ask her out" Michael suggests.

ASK HER OUT?!?!?!? I would embarrass myself in front of her. Id stutter and probably just chicken out.

Jazmine's POV

"You should ask him out," Calum suggests.

REALLY?!?! I don't want to ask him out..... just kidding I really do actually. I just don't want to embarrass myself and run away just like I did a few minutes ago.

All of a sudden this chunk of confidence filled my body, and I spoke "You know what!...... I will ask him out"

"Okay......so go do that now," Calum stares at me .

No way was going to ask him out now... I just embarrassed myself by running into the dressing room right after he complimented me.

"OH NO WAY!.......ill ask him when we get to L.A"


"Promise!" I crossed pinkies with Calum.

Luke's POV

"I guess I should ask her out.... I only, well we only four months till our world tour and I don't want to miss my shot." I confess.

"Okay so what are you waiting for?" Michaels looked at me waiting for something.

"Why don't I ask Jazmine when were in L.A?"

"Okay whatever...." Michael walked off.


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