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Luke's POV

Ashton carried my Arizona down the stairs for me while I carried mine and Jazmine's surfboard.
On the way down I almost trip and I start laughing. Reaching the end of the stairs I look up to see Jazmine with that beautiful smile of hers.

I'm staring at her and she's staring at me. It didn't hit that she was so beautiful. All of a sudden the sound of tv statics going through my head.

Jazmine's POV

The boys strapped on the surfboards to the top of my car. We head to the beach it was about 4pm by the time we arrive. This was my favorite beach it had high waves that reached 10 feet from surface, warm sand, calm soothing waves by 7 and fire pits.

This is my musical beach, during the day everyone would be surfing, singing songs, playing the guitar at the fire pits, and just relax in the water. This was where the magic of music was created.

"What is this place" Ashton and Luke not knowing because none of them has been here before.

"This is Musical beach" I answer his question. The whistling of the wind, crashing of waves, fire sparks, guitars strumming, and the beautiful sounds of being singing and dancing and just having a good time.

"This doesn't look like a beach" Luke was confused.
This beach wasn't really a beach at first , well yeah it's a beach, but it wasn't on the map. When I first moved away from my family I met a group of people who took me in as their friends.

One day I decided to go venturing and I found this place. It was very rustic but I knew it was too beautiful at the same time to be wasted. I called all my friends and we cleaned up the beach. I spent some money from the time I won the lottery to buy some placements and furniture to make this beach as cozy as possible, I also kinda bought the property. I'm surprised they only charged me 20k for the land. I'm glad the lottery was a lot of money.

Few weeks later this beach was known as Musical Beach, named by me. Only close friends went here, and if adventurous strangers came they become our close friends. That's how I met Clarissa.

The entrance was filled with whimsical trees and bushes. There was a secret entrance I guess you can call it. It's kinda like a drape of vines and flowers. Chelsea was one of my other friends who helped make this drape of vines look as pretty as possible.

"Haha." I laugh softly. "Don't worry just follow me" I walk through the unclear trail leading the entrance.
We enter the beach that originated from me and my long time friends from over two years ago.

Ashton and Luke are speechless and their jaws drop. Walking to my spot that was specially designed by me, for me. Each chance I got I would come down here. Walking through this beautiful beach I see all my friends that I've made over these two and a half years. Luke and Ashton looked surprised on how much people I knew.

Everyone looked different but we all had one thing in common. We loved dancing, singing, and surfing. This was our passion and that's why we all got along.

Each and everyone was smiling and laughing. Saying hi at me and welcoming me back. I just came here the other day, but it felt like forever.

We enter my Luau and it still looks the same. The other week I added a bed in the center of the floor along the side.

"This place is so beautiful" Luke's eyes widen as did Ashton's .

"What's up girlie" Paulo said from behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. Luke suddenly looked pissed.

"Haha, I'm good thanks!" I smile "How are you all doing Paulo"

He turns around with me still under his arms, and shows the view of this Musical Beach. "Amazing, as this is what beautiful things you had left for us" Paulo stands in front of me and gives me a hug

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