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Jazmine's POV

I woke up at 4 this morning. The only reason I did is because Luke texted me saying to meet them in the lobby.

We were going to New Mexico and I want to eat quesadilla. You wanna know why... because its amazing!

I got all my stuff ready downstairs and checked out. I sat in the lobby waiting for them.

"Hey Jazmine!" Ashton waved.

Calum and Michael just groaned and slammed their bodies on top of the lobby couch.

"Where's Luke?" I ask.

"He's changing...i think" Michael takes his time to answer.

Is he always late like this? I ask myself.

After a long 20 minutes Luke finally came down.

"Sorry he's always late" Calum whispers in my ear.

I get u from the couch and look out the window. All of the windows were covered and I wanted to know why.

Just as I open the sheds hundreds of girls waiting outside.

"Ahhh" I slightly spoke. "Fame" I forgot they were this huge boy band.

"Something you'd never have" I hear Luke laugh and I feel this pain inside. I guess I didn't say it as soft as I thought.

I didn't like what he said, so I did something about it. "You know Luke.. Could you stop being a fucking DICK! Like just for one minute please!" I slapped him and he started rubbing the soon red area. "you can't tell the future, you don't know what I could do, or become! So for once, shut up!"

He's so bipolar! I went out before the boys making my through the crowd of screaming girls and a few boys.

"Hey! Hi! Excuse me!" I hear someone scream out and I get stopped by someone.

"I'm sorry... but who are you?" I ask the girl standing forth of me.

"I'm just a fan of 5sos, but can I ask you a question?" She says, almost as if she was mumbling. These people were to loud.. I couldn't understand what she was saying.

"Sorry! WHAT?!?" I scream making it clear to her that I didn't hear what she said.

" CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION?!?" She yells back.

I still couldn't hear her. "WHAT?!?"

"CAN I ASK YOU A-" I stopped her and pulled her near the bus.

"I'm sorry but... What'd you say?" I ask once again what she had said.

"Oh! Yeah... I had a question for you." She says. "Are you that girl everyone is talking about on Twitter?"

Girl on Twitter?? What was she talking about.

"Girl on Twitter?" I ask what she was talking about.

"I'm Joy just by the way" She quickly says then continues, " The girl that's been hanging out with the boys for the past week."

"Oh yeah.. I have. Why??" I wonder.

"Um... Are you dating any of them?" Joy softly asks.

"Hahaha, No!" I laugh.

"Oh, okay thanks!" Joy hugs me, for no apparent reason. "Hey.. you're really pretty."

"Thanks! You're not so bad yourself." I tell her.

She turns around and the crowd is surrounding the mini bus. She turns back to me and I see a tear fall.

"What's wrong?" I ask wiping her tear.

"I missed my chance to meet the boys."

"I'm sorry?" I said questionly wondering what could I do. Since she waisted her time talking to me...She started tearing up and I felt bad.

"Okay...okay.... don't start crying come with me" I tell her as I bring her to the bus.

"Who is this?" The guard asked.

"Ugh... Mark is it?" I ask as he nods, "don't worry about it, thanks."

He just rolled his eyes and opened up the door of the black bus. Mini black bus, that is.

"Hey! Jaz...mine." Calum started. "Who's your friend? You got here."

Joy quietly said, "Oh gosh.... CALUM....IS..MY FAV!" She then squealed and jumped onto Calum, making both of the two fall on the chair.

"Haha" Calum laughs, "Hello to you too!" Calum then gives her a big hug.

"Can I have a picture please?" Joy said, shaking her hands, sounding so exited.

"Of course!" Calum squinted taking the picture as Joy stole a kiss from his cheek. Calum squints his eyes more laughing at the picture.

"Heeeey! What about me?" Michael pouts.

10 minutes later Joy was finished taking pictures with all the boys. "Thank you so much!" She hugs me. "Do you mind if I follow you on Twitter."

"jazmine.notes" I tell her. I know it's a pretty junk username but I couldn't think of anything else. If I were to change it, it would probably be 'musicaltides', but no I had to use my name.

"Thanks again!" Joy hugs me once more before going out of the bus.

I take a seat in the far corner in the back of the bus.  I close my eyes and fall asleep, listening to the music on my phone.

Sorry I haven't been updating a lot, I'm in the middle of exams and other shit.

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