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"Ms.Jones will be with you in a moment,"


As soon as he left the room, I went to the bathroom and fixed myself. I brushed my hair and wiped my face.

I walk quickly out the bathroom and Ms.Jones is sitting at an oversized table placed on the far side of the room.

"Ms.Blair?" She calls me.

"Yes," I laugh nervously.

"Takes a seat," She commands.

I smile and take a seat in front of her.

"So....." I awkwardly start.

"We want to sign you a record!" Ms.Jones bursts out.

"I'm sorry what?!" I'm in shock.

"You have an amazing voice, and people should hear that,"

"That you do," Someone speaks from behind Ms.Jones.

"Simon!" Ms.Jones greets Simon Cowell.

For a moment I sit in shock and disbelief.

"Jazmine," He smiles. I

I stand up and shake his hand, "Mr.Cowell!"

He then takes a seat, as do I.

"I'm sorry but I'm really in shock right now," I inform them.

"You have loads of talent," Simon speaks.

"And potential!" Ms.Jones adds.

"Sorry again but How do you know I sing?" I question. I never sang in front of anyone before, so I don't understand they know I do.

"You were in St.Paul, correct?" Ms.jones asks.

"Yes," I nod.

"And you were singing," She adds.

"How would you know I was singing?" I ask.

"We had video cameras in their dressing room," Ms.Jones informs me.

"Isn't that illegal or something?" I wonder.

"You are a girl of many questions," Simon laughs.

"Girls broke into the dressing in St.Paul once and stole their belongings," She lets me know.

"Oh..." I say.

"Have you ever played in front of a crowd?" Simon asks.

"No, Sir!" I answer.

"Do you mind playing for us?" Ms.Jones asks. 

"I kinda don't like to play without my guitar," I scratch the back of my head.

"Should we go to the studio?" Ms.Jones asks Simon.

"Of course," He answers, "Follow us Jazmine,"

"Oh yeah," I scatter out my chair.

We walk into this big room and there's instruments hung on each wall. I see one guitar and it looks like a work of art. I grab of the play and play a cord. It sounds a little off so I adjust it.

"I guess that's yours now," Ms.Jones offers.

"Really?" I wonder.

"Sure, why not?" Ms.Jones speaks so kind, " Now go into the recording room,"

I walk into the recording room and it's really professional.

"What song are you going to be singing for us?" Simon asks.

I take a moment to think, "Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J!"

They play the audio, letting it linger in the back round on my new guitar.

I begin to strum and get into character. I always need to get into character before I sing especially if someone is watching me. I visualize I'm alone in my bedroom singing songs.

"When I'm nervous, I have this thing yeah I talk too much, " I begin to sing nervously, "Sometimes I just can't shut the hell up,"

I take a breathe and begin again, "It's like I need to tell someone anyone who'll listen and that's where I seem to mess up,"

I pluck the guitar slightly, wanting to hear the piano in the back round,  "I forget about the consequences , for a minute there I lose my senses, and in the heat of the moment my mouth starts going, the words start flowing, oh...."

"But I never meant to hurt! I n ow it's time that I learn to, treat the people I love like I wanna be loved this is a lesson learnt!" I sing spreading up the rhythm.

"I hate that i let you down and I feel so bad about it, I guess karma comes back around cause now I'm the one that's hurting yeah, and I hate that j made you think that the trust we had is broken, don't tell me you can't forgive me cause no body perfect, no!" I sang.

I finish up the  song, feeling good about what I presented to Simon and Janice.

I see them look at each other and smile. As I walk out of the recording room I hear my voice being played back. It actually doesn't sound so bad.

"This...this is...." Janice starts.

"Horrible...I'm sorry," I apologize at my voice sounding worse than I thought.

"Amazing!" Simon surprisingly compliments my singing.

"Really!" I'm shocked.

Simon is one of the most crucial and opinionated judges out there.... and he thinks my singing is amazing.

Simon walks up to me and gives me a pat on the back, "You've got yourself a record deal!" He then leaves the room.

"And a manager!" Janice, a.k.a Ms.Jones adds, walking out the door.

Before she shuts the door she peers back in, "What are you doing?" She laughs.

"Sorry I'm just really surprised right now,"

"Okay well you need to head back to the hotel,"

"Haha, I'm sorry what hotel?" I ask not wanting it to be the same hotel the boys were staying in.

"The boys..." Janice informs me, "We are paying for a room for you,"

"Oh haha, okay," I nervously spoke.

"Theres a cab waiting for you downstairs!" She shouts from out the door.

I walk slowly outside wanting to take my time.

"Good Morning!" The cab driver greets me.

I smile and take a seat at the back of the car. 

We drive to the hotel and he helps me get my bags inside.

"Jazmine..." I tell the front desk.

"Last name.." She asks.

"Blair,"  I tell her. 

"Here you go, Ms.Blair!" She hands me my key card.

I go up to fifth floor and it's the second to the last door on the left. I slide my key card and it lets me in. I throw my stuff on the ground and lay on the bed. I blast the AC thinking I could freeze to death.

I'm still not over the Luke and Clarissa thing. I hate him for doing that. I hate Clarissa for doing that. I just hate it!

I Start to cry letting the anxiety get to me. I don't wanna do this anymore. I don't wanna think about anything.

I fly out of bed and get my sleeping pills. I take a couple and fall fast asleep.


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