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Jazmine's POV

"You sure you want to stay here?" Luke asks.
I nod yes as I grab my guitar off the placement. Luke walks out closing the door behind him.

"DING!" I hear my phone go off.

CLARISSA: Hey Jazmine! I missed you! I'm sorry about our fight I was in the wrong mood.

To be honest, I didn't miss her at all. My so called best friend, wasn't really my best friend. Over the past 5 weeks Paulo, Chelsea and everyone else thats been my friend for the past two years has been calling me and complaining about her.

One time Chelsea caught her doing it with some guy in one of the Luaus. Now the guys 'crew' are always going to musical beach. I'm starting to think that Clarissa is a slut. Yeah, a slut. I'm not really vulgar but every time someone called me it was Clarissa doing with some guy or almost doing it with someone. One time it was a fucking girl.

ME: Yeah you too
That's all i texted her, I didn't want to tell her I missed her when I obviously didn't.

CLARISSA: So, when are you coming back?

ME: In a few days. Luke and his band have a couple shows in L.A and I'm back home in my apartment.

Clarissa's POV

I texted Jazmine and she took a while to answer back.

I know that dumbass Chelsea told her the things I've been doing. THAT WHORE. Chelsea is always in the way.

Jazmine's POV

CLARISSA: Can't wait to see you!

ME: (:

Now where was I .... ah my guitar.

I love this guitar so much. Pretty much because Dawn gave it to me. Yellow wood... it looked so rustic yet it's quality is so high.

There is so many songs to sing, but Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. This song says a lot, a lot of songs has a lot to say, I mean that's why there are songs. Songs are a way of expressing yourself through rhythm and soul.

The day I ran away, I brought one thing with me. My guitar. I also kind of took my moms boyfriends wallet.

That day was the most terrifying night of my life. I didn't know where to go I didn't know what to do. I slept outside of a club. When I woke up the owner called me into her club and asked me if I sing. The first thing I said was no but it was obvious I did if I had my own guitar.

Later that day she wanted me to sing, it wasn't a gig but I didn't really know that much people went to that place every night.


"Young lady?" I look up to see what seems like the owner of the club I fell asleep outside of.

"Me?" I ask.

"Yes... you are the only one here" The lady answered. She looked about 30years old.

What does this lady want?

"Oh... yeah... um what time is it man?"

"It's 3:00pm ?" She answered

It seems like I slept for a really long time but you have to consider the fact that I fell asleep at sun rise. So I had about 10 hours of sleep. Okay I know that's still a long time but crying for hours and hours can make you really sad. At the moment I really don't give a shit anymore.

"It looks like you're a singer do you mind performing tonight?" She asked.

"Oh....haha...this is... this is just my friends .... I don't-" My excuse was interrupted.

"Oh please girl, I know you can sing. There is so much talent here and I know you have some in you!" She insisted.

That little thing she said...just that gave me some hope and confidence.. ' I know you have some in you!'

"I guess... sure why not!" I told her. Right now I don't feel sad or depressed, probably a mess but I feel kinda better.


It was a pretty positive night until the owner wanted me to sing a slow dark kind of song, not sure how to explain it. But a song like Crazy did the job.

The original version is great but I love the way Melanie Martinez sings it.

I think the first two chords are Am(major) and F . The last time I played this song was two years ago.

I tested how the chords sounded and it was perfect.With each strum the whole thing came to me. I guess I do remember the chords perfectly.

I spent 20 minutes getting it to sound just right... right even to sing the actual lyrics. Listening to just the vibration of the strings was musical. The beat was so diverse with deep thoughts. I mean not diverse... But......I don't know.

I begin to play the first chords... later then going with the beat.

"I remember when, I remember, I remember when I LOST MY MIND" I sung the first verse putting emphasis on lost my mind.

I continued, "there was something so pleasant about that phase. Even your emotions had an echo, in so much space" I stretched out the note.

"And when you're out there, without care
Yeah, I was out of touch" I sang the words making my voice seem some what of a high pitch raspy tone.

"But is wasn't because I didn't know enough...I just knew too much" I gave the guitar a riff leading to a hard strum.

"Does that MAKE ME CRAZY...
Does that make ME CRAAAAZY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAAAAA- POSSIBLY!" I extended the notes and sped up its rhythm.

"And I hope that you are having the time of your the Time Of your LIFE, but think TWICE, its my only advice" I sang.

"Come on Now WHO DO YOU WHO DO YOU WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ha ha ha BLESS your soul... You really think you're in control...."

"Well I Think you're CRAZY! I think you're CRAZY!.... I think you're CRAZY!" I dragged each note of crazy.
"Just like me" I slowed down the beat giving my guitar a hit.

"My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb...And all I remember is thinking, I wanna be like them,

Ever since I was little , ever since I was little It looked like fun. And it's no coincidence I've come and I can die when I'm done"

I continue on, " Maybe I'm crazy.........maybe you're crazy......maybe we're crazy... porobaaaaaably." The last chords were played and the song ended.


I hope this chapter is good enough.

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