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"Babe its time to go," I hear a voice trying to wake me up. I slowly open up my eyes, noticing a bold figure in front of me.

My vision clears and its Luke.

I stretch out my arms and yawn out the sleepy-ness.

"Were here already?" I drowsily question.

"Yes babe c'mon we have to go now," Luke answered.

"Babe?... I like the sound of that!" I pecked his lips, jumping off the chair.

We took a look at the airport's exits, and it was surrounded with paps and fans. Just waiting to meet the boys and get some pictures.

"I'll just wait in here," I told them.

"Why?" Luke asked.

"I kind of don't want to go through that crowd,"

"Why not?"

"its nothing I just don't want any of your fans to hate me,"

"They wont hate you,"

"You don't know that..."

"Neither do you,"

Luke was right, I didn't know if the fans liked or hated me. But I guess i'll have to find out sooner or later.

I walked out of the airport and I seen a poster with my name on it. Next I know there was a small group of people screaming out my name.

"Hey!" I greet them, letting go of Luke's hand.

"Jazmine..." She cried, "I love you," I watched as she covered her mouth, letting a tear fall from her eye.

"Please don't cry... why are you crying?" I wondered.

"I know you haven't been in the business very long, but you... you make me fell like i'm not alone...and...and," She stuttered.

She started to speak but I cut her off with a tight hug. The barrier between us made it difficult.

I took a picture with her and signed her poster. "Be strong okay?" I asked, and she answers by nodding her head.

I walk over to a few more fans take a couple more pictures with them.

"Hi jazmine!" I fan greets me, as I grab the sign from her hand.

"Hi, how are you?" I say taking a photo.

"I'm fine thanks... do you mind following me on twitter?"

"No problem," I slung out my phone. "What's your user?"

She told me her username and I followed her.

"Thank you!" She hugged me, I smiled back at her.

I walk back over to Luke, who was still taking a few pictures with fans.

"Hey! Where'd you go?" Luke asked before taking a quick picture with a fan.

"I guess I did have a few fans," I smiled, following Luke to another side of the barrier.

"Oh my god guys!" Someone from the front of the crowd screamed. "Its the OTP!"

"What's an otp?" Luke laughed.

" One true pairing!" She shouted over the screaming noises.

Luke turned away, I think he was trying to hide a blush because the moment he looked back his cheeks were red.

"Can I please have a picture with both of you?"

"If its fine with you..." Luke turned to me.

"Of course no problem," I answered.

"Thanks!" The fan smiled.

"Let's go!" Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me into the tour bus.

Luke gestured to take a seat next to him, so I did.

"Oh here, sorry I forgot about it," I said giving back Luke his jacket.

He smiled and placed it on the chair next to him.

I brought out my phone and scrolled through twitter. I kept on scrolling until I came across the photo that me, Luke, and that fan took just not long ago.

I smiled at the fact that people actually liked me.

When Luke called me babe, I kind of ignored the feeling it gave me.

"Luke..." I waited for his answer, "Are we like.... a thing now?"

I looked up at him and he look down towards me, "Of course.... I told you I'm never letting go and I mean it," He left a kiss on the top of my head.


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