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It's been a week since what happen to Clarissa. Thankfully he wasn't coming any where near us again. Saying this note I found, slid underneath my apartment door.

It basically said he was never gonna talk to us and that he was stupid to do that to Clarissa and blah blah blah blah blah. It sounded so sappy.

Oh won't you stay with me cause you're all I - my phone rang, I answered "hey" I hear Clarissa "hey you wanna go shopping or something?" I ask her.

Right away her sleepy voice disappeared and screams hell yeah like she had nothing to lose . She was so loud I dropped my phone. I picked it up and told her "Well okay then, be ready at 12 I'll come pick you up"

She lived so far from where I lived. I would always complain about driving but my jeep had way more teen life feeling than her moms mini van. Not being rude or anything, I love her mom.

I took a look at my phone and it was only 10in the morning, and it took 20 minutes to get to Clarissa's house. So I have about an hour and a half to get ready.

I took a quick shower and dried my hair. Still wrapped in my towel I look through my closet finding something to wear.

I put on my Fall Out Boy shirt and some black jeans. The weather seemed pretty chilly so I grabbed my black flannel. Since I was dressed in all black I grabbed my yellow combat boots with black rims and outlining. I really didn't care for my hair so I just tied it up in a pony tail.  I put on some mascara and a little black fade of eyeshadow .

I took a look in my full body mirror, and thought I looked pretty punk rock to be honest. My brown hair looked nice and silky. I was okay with how I looked today.

I glared at the clock above my door and noticed it was 11:30 so grab my phone and keys and walk outside. Just as my apartment door closed I wanted a drink, so I went back inside to get a Starbucks bottle of coffee.

Clarissa's house was on the way to the outlet we were going to. 15 minutes in to my trip to Clarissa's house, as I was rockin' out to Fall Out Boy's Novocaine. I turn my side to see a car that was driving next to me with 4 guys inside.

The windows were down and they were looking at me as I sing the last lyric. I look again they just stared at me like I was some punk rock maniac. There was one blonde one, one boy with like a white platinum blonde, one with long curly hair, and the last boy looked Asian.

They caught me staring back at them then the one with curly hair spoke up clearing the award tension at the long intersection wait. "Hey, I'm Ashton!"

"Hey, my name's Jazmine" I said as cool as I can, as his smile was so adorable with those dimples.

The light finally went green, Clarissa's house was a few blocks after this right turn, as made the turn I hear a group of Australian accents say bye. They headed straight to wherever they were going.

By the time I reached Clarissa's house it had just turn 12 and Clarissa came flying out the door with her mom waving bye at her.

"Bye girls! Have fun!" Mrs. Jeen politely acknowledged.

"Thanks Rae! We'll see you tomorrow!" I tell Calrissa's mom. With that we drove off. We had a few more minutes till we get to the outlet so I put my phone on shuffle and the first song that plays is..."

"One direction!" We both say as we blush. But the song was half a heart. This was one of my all time favorites out of their four albums. I literally love them!

I sang alone as Clarissa sat there mumbling the lyrics. "And being here without you is like waking up to, only half a blue sky,kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart with out you, I'm half a man at best!"

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