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It was the morning and I was still tired. I slowly get up, rubbing my eyes and I notice I'm still in my bikini. At least I have my flannel on.

As I'm sitting down still trying to wake myself up, I remember I fell asleep cuddling with Luke. He was a great cuddler. Was this f'real, I mean I sleep next to him with a bikini on. I'm fuckin stupid, why didn't I just let him go sleep somewhere else.

"sssshhhh" I hear Luke whisper. "Jazmine's still sleeping" Ashton breaks a dish and I fly off the couch.

"Ashton!! That's one of a kind" I go to get the hand broom and dustpan.

"Sorry Jaz" Ashton sounds apologetic.

"That's fine I could make another one" I got to throw away the broken glass.

"How'd you make this" they ask.

"It's called pottery, check the back it has my signature" I make them look. All they do is nod and smile.

I run to my room to change in to some shorts and a shirt.

"So anyways, what's up with all the girls, following you around and talking pictures" I ask them and they look at me and start laughing.

They laughter quiets down. "Were kinda, one of the biggest boy bands out there. Well we don't really refer to us as a boy band but yeah" Ashton explains.

"Oh sorry. I'm not really boy band crazed. But I really like The Janoskians, One direction, and Nash Grier them. Oh and O2l even though there not O2l anymore, I still refer to them as that"

"How do you not know about us if your a fan of 1D? We kinda toured with them" Luke asked me.

"I heard about a band that was touring with them but I really didn't care" I apologize afterwards cause I sounded like I was saying they sucked or something .

"What are doing "they say as I slam my self on my desk chair searching up... uh " what was the name of your band again?"

"5seconds of summer" Luke says. I type it in on my IMac. "Wow I guess you guys are famous"

"No" Luke says sarcastically.

"You guys have a lot of followers and now you have one more" I say and follow them on Twitter. Few seconds later I get a follow from both of them.

My Twitter was sad compared to theirs. 510, well 512 now. Ashton sets his phone on my desk and I look at it, seeing all these notification from fans I guess. Some are really dirty and some are just so cute.

"A lot, huh" I hear Ashton. I answer yeah. "you could read em' if you like"

His password was so simple. The year he was born. I look through all the tweets he was sent. There was this recent tweet reading , hi Ashton, I need someone to talk to right now and I don't wanna talk face to face with anyone else.

There was another tweet from the same user, depression is killing me, but can you help me.
I felt really bad because she tweeting Ashton depressing tweets, putting her life story online for everyone to see. I respected that. As depression is taking over this world. I read some tweets from this girl name Analeigh, aloud for he boys to hear.

"I feel really bad for this girl, and she's only 16" I always was a emotional person but I showed no weakness. My eyes started tearing hearing the pain she went through. Ashton walks up behind me and follows her on Twitter.

Next thing we know I see tweets coming in from her and read this really sweet one. "I don't know how Ash noticed me, but the fog cleared up and could breathe again. Awww she's so cute" Depression cutie I called her.

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