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"Are you ready?" I ask, knocking on the door.

"Almost done..." Jazmine answers.

I waited a few seconds before she came out the hotel room.

I stepped back to get a better view.

"Beautiful..." I stood in shock.

She put on a sleeveless black dress, with a lace poof. The dress allowing some cleavage to show. She added a black high top converse.

"I never seen you in a dress before,"

"I didn't really fancy dresses,"

"You look stunning,"

"Thanks," She blushed, "I've never seen you wear a tux before,"

"I had to find one after the show, it was kind of hard to find a tux at the last minute,"

"You didn't have to wear a tux,"

"And you didn't have to come on this date with me, but you did,"

"Did you curl your hair?" I asked as we walked into the elevator.

"Yeah...i thought why not dress up. It is a date anyways," She answered.

"You look beautiful," I complimented her appearance.

We exited the hotel with no trouble of paparazzi. Jazmine entered the limo then I. The pap weren't hard to get through tonight, they took a few pictures and they left.

Half an hour later we got to the restaurant. I decided to come to this restaurant because it seemed pretty high class.

I pulled out the chair for Jazmine and she thanked me.

"Good evening, I'm May, I'll be your waitress for tonight! Would you like to start off with some drinks?" The waitress greeted us.

"Just water thanks," Jazmine ordered.

"Make that two," I added.

"Sparkling, Voss, tap?" The waitress asked.

Me and Jazmine looked at each other in confusion.

"Voss?" Jazmine answered, sounding confused.

Just as the waitress walked away, we laughed at the fancy water terms.

"Isn't Voss that water in a glass bottle?" Jazmine laughed.

"I don't know, but why is it called voss?" I laughed.

I opened up the menu and all they had was salad. I turn the page and more salad. The only thing they had besides salad was an egg omelet. Besides egg it was full of bell peppers and more vegetables.

I placed down the menu, as soon as the waitress came back with our Voss water.

"Thank you," I said.

"Are you guys ready to order?" The waitress asked.

"Um yeah, I'll have a maroon salad," Jazmine ordered.

"I'll have the seagull salad," I ordered.

The waitress walked off with a creepy grin. She seemed so happy to be working here.

"Weird names for some salads Huh?" Jazmine joked.

"I know right," I laughed along.

We waited half an hour before the food came out.

"Enjoy!" The waitress hoped.

Jazmine's POV

I took a taste of the salad and it tasted like plastic. I played it off and acted like it tasted okay, but in reality it really didn't.

I looked at Luke to see if he was enjoying his food, he looked like he was so I went along with it.

"Ummm....Luke?" I called for his attention.

"Yeah," He answered spitting something into his napkin.

"Is this even food?" I questioned.

"I don't think so," He spat,

"I'm sorry but this is disgusting,"

"Don't be sorry, it is.......Do you wanna leave?" He asked me.

"If you want to it's good with me,"

"Let's go,"

Luke left money on the table and we ran out the restaurant.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was all salads,"

"Don't worry about Luke," I insured him as we walked down the street.

"Hey! Do you want some pizza?" Luke asked, pointing to the little Italian pizzeria across the street.

"Yes Please!" I urged.

Luke order the pizza and we took a seat on one of the wooden tables.

"I could've paid," I told Luke.

"I wouldn't allow it," Luke smiled.

"Here's your order!" The waiter spoke with a thick Italian accent.

I smelt the the fresh cheese melted on a thin crust pizza.

"This smells and looks a lot better!" I compared the pizza to the salad.

I laughed as Luke tried to cut the pizza evenly.

"Your not even going straight," I laughed.

"I'm trying," Luke chuckled, cutting a circular piece of pizza.

"This will do," I smiled, grabbing a weird sliced pizza.

I took a chomp of the pizza and it melted in my mouth. It tasted so much better than some maroon salad.

Ending of the date

"Thanks for bringing me," I blushed, as Luke wrapped his arms around my waist.

"It was my pleasure," Luke said, walking me to my hotel room.

We stopped at the door of my hotel room. I leaned my back on the door to get a good view of Luke.

"I had a lot fun hanging out with you," I told him.

Luke's POV

"It was a great time just knowing that you wanted to be there with me," I admitted.

"Ummm.....I guess I should go now," Jazmine insisted.

I watched as she opened the door. She paused for a quick second and turned back around.

She left a quick kiss on my cheek, "Thanks, again,"

"No problem..." I grinned.

She shut the door, leaving me to walk back to my hotel room.

I walked back happy that I took Jazmine on that date.

I jumped on the bed, not being able to stop smiling.



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