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Luke's POV

Once I tripped on this frickin veil of this dress all the boys started laughing. But there was this laughing coming from behind the rack of sunglasses.

Few minutes later I see Calum walking out of sight and Ashton is talking to someone behind the rack. I couldn't see who it was. I looked up and Michael was still laughing.

I got up to see who Ashton was talking to, I bumped Michael on the way so he felt the peace of falling. Wtf peace?? I don't know but whatever.

I notice the girl and she literally looks like a Punk Rock Princess. In other words she's beautiful.
I'm surprised she didn't catch me staring.

Soon later she walked off with Ashton and of course I followed behind as did Michael.

I see Calum run off with some girl, another groupie?

This P.R princess turned straight around staring at the three of us me Ashton and Michael.

Jazmine's POV

"Well... I guess I'm stuck with you three" I kinda didn't care and just stood there clueless as to who these boys were. It was like I was staring at three towers. Damn these boys are tall.

"Yes you are, oh by the way this is Michael" Ashton says and Michael waved at me with the biggest smile ever. "And this is Luke"

"Hey there Bread stick!" I laugh at him, why the fuck would I do that, all he did was just smile and nod, did I embarrass myself. Wait!.....when the hell did I care what boys thought of me.

"So what you guys wanna do?Jazmine is my name just so you know"

"Well I see you have a swim suit there, so you wanna go to the beach" Luke suggested.

"Um I don't know how to surf here" Michael frowned. "You guys can go, I'm gonna go walk around and meet up with Calum and that girl.

"I'd love to go to the beach, and that girls name is Clarissa. Okay was all Michael said.

"Okay then, we should go now." Ashton's so eager to go swimming.

"Ash, Calum has the keys" Luke states. "Oh yeah, shoot" Ashton's dimples fade away.

"I can drive, I have a jeep" I hope they let me drive .

"Cool, why not but we have to go QuikSilver real quick to buy some swim suits" And we walk over to QuikSilver. Ashton walked in to buy two swimsuits for him and Luke. He stayed outside with me, Luke suggested he should stay outside with me just in case something would happen to me. Wasn't that sweet.

"I see you like Fall out Boy, what else bands do you like?" Luke broke the awkward tension.

"There's actually a lot, but I love My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, One Republic, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Green Day. The list can go on and on trust me" He laughed at me and I felt a blush coming on. What was this feeling I had?

"I like Green Day too! American Idiot is my favorite" He makes more conversation.

"Same!same.." I agree having been rocking out to American Idiot earlier today as I was showering.
Ashton finally comes out from the store and we walk towards the elevator of the parking lot.

As we entered the elevator, Ashton, Luke then I more people came in making it crowded. I moved back to make more space and my butt literally touched Luke's groin. I turn around to say sorry but I get pushed into him. Here goes the blushing again.

"Having fun there" he says as I look up and I hit him on his bicep. I move next to Ashton and Luke frowns.

"I see you blushing" Ashton whispers in my ear and I tickle his side. Warning him to stop.

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