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"Dawn...Dawn, wake up," I shrug.

She slowly opens her eyes, "Did we fall asleep?"

"Yeah!" I laugh, "C'mon get up now," I quickly push her off me, and she lands on the floor.

"Hey!" Dawn complains.

I walk over to the kitchen and there's a tub of ice cream on the counter.

"Dawn, we forgot to put the ice cream in the refrigerator,"

"No we didn't, it just doesn't fit,"

"At least it didn't melt everywhere," I say throwing the tub in the trash. 

"So what are we doing today?" Dawn asks.

"I was thinking we should go surfing," I suggest, grabbing out four slices bread, "Sandwich?"

"Sure," Dawn answers.

I grab out the ham, cheese, and mayo out of the refrigerator. I make the sandwiches and hand her one. "Thanks!" Dawn thanks me.

I grab out two coke bottles and throw one to her. She misses, making me laugh.

"Haha, should I open it?" Dawn threatens.

"No,!its gonna spill every where,"

She ignores me and as soon as she opens it she falls into the floor.

"Dawn! Are you okay?" I worriedly run to her, giving her a hand she pulls me making me slip on to the floor.

We laugh and try to stand up without slipping on the spilled coke bottle. I'm the first to get up off the ground. I go around the counter I grab a rag to wipe the ground. I throw it at Dawn, "Here clean your mess," I laugh.

"After your done cleaning up, you need to get ready,"

She signals me a thumbs up right before I walked into my room.

We were going surfing so I decided to wear some shorts and a bikini top. I wear my black Scott slippers. I brush my hair, letting flow down.

I walk out my room to see Dawn changed in her beach clothes, her black hair looked really nice with highlights.

"Jazmine..." Dawn walked up to me slowly, "Your wrists," Her eyes widen as she moves her fingers up and down my arms.

I pull my arms away from her.

"You said you'd never do that again,"

I just shrugged her off.


"Dawn, I just can't,"

"I don't think we should go surfing," Dawn suggests, "Jazmine...I don't want everyone to see this,"

"I don't know what's wrong with me," I burst out in tears.

Dawn pulls me into a hug and I squeeze her as tight as I can.

"Dawn I just can't," I cry, biting my bottom lip.

"I'm here for you..." Dawn sets me on the couch.

I break the hug and wipe my tears. I cross my legs and cry into the palms of my hands.

"Stay here," Dawn says. I look up and she runs to the hall way.

"Here put this on," Dawn hands me one of my sweaters.

I start to shiver even more, all because of the cold shills running through my body.

Dawn notices and turns the temperature five degrees down.

She makes hot water and comes back with two drinks.

"Drink some coffee, it always calmed you down," Dawn suggests.

"Dawn..." I looked at her scared, "Coffee won't calm me down,"

"Will you please just tell me what's wrong," she begs.

"Luke...." I cry, my words sounding unclear.

"Who?" She asks once.


"Luke as in Luke Hemmings?"

"Yes," I say with more tears falling from my eyes.

"Did he do this to you?" Dawn turns my head looking at the bruise that Luke's hand left behind.

I slowly nod, wiping tears.

"What else did he do?"

"Clarissa....and Luke.." I began to say but I was too weak to finish my sentence.

"Had sex!" Dawn yelled angrily, "That slut!"

"Jazmine... Clarissa is a back stabbing bitch! She was jealous of you she always was!"

I sat there ashamed and confused.

"Dawn...why'd you leave?"

"I had to,"

"What do you mean you have to?" I questioned.

"Clarissa filed a restraining order against me,"


"I can't go 300 yards near her for the past year plus two more years,"

"Why would she do that?!?"

"I told you she's devious, she's a jealous blonde bitch,"

"It's all my fault, if only I just killed myself two years ago,"

"No! Don't say!" Dawn soon has tears forming in her eyes .

Clarissa's POV

Luke wants to kick me out. Well fuck him! More time to mess with that bitch Jazmine.

"Haha," I laugh to myself. I hate her, so perfect, so smart, so flawless, bull shit!

I hope she's expecting guests because she'll soon have one.

I get into my car and drive off to Jazmine's condo.

Jazmine's POV

I hear a knock on my door and Dawn goes to answer the door.

"Clarissa!" I hear Dawn scream.


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