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"Yeah, sure," I answered Ms.Jones. She wanted me to hit the note with perfection.

"Perfect!" She smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I walked out the room and took a seat next to her.
"You sure your fine?" Janice asks.

"Don't worry about it," I nudged.

It's been two weeks since I was locked in that room with Luke. I was the first one to wake up so I was the first to get out of that place.

I'm at Ms. Jones office building and were recording my song. It's not an album but its still a single. Probably not gonna get that popular but.

"This sounds perfect," Simon compliments, adding emphasis on perfect. His accent making it sound weird.

I sat there and smiled. Knowing that one of the most harsh critics, thought the way I sung was perfect. It feels good when someone has something nice to say about you.

"Since you are on the same record label and the boys we thought that you should be the opening performance," Ms.Jones suggested.

"For the boys?" I unsteadily spoke, "Ummm...."

"I thought you were okay with everything?" Janice asked.

"No...I mean...yeah no problem," I stuttered.

"Okay so you'll join them on the third week, and for now...." Janice handed the conversation to Simon.

"You'll be doing a few gigs," Simon spoke, "But here's the thing,"

"What?" I wondered.

"We wanna spice your look,"

"Spice your look?"

"Yes, not major changes just the hair and make-up, just to make your look more...bold,"

"Okay...but when is the gig gonna be?" I ask.

"Tonight," Simon said.

"Tonight!" I surprisingly shouted getting up from my chair.

"Yes so let's to the salon," Simon says and I follow him into the limousine.

Next thing I know I had different hair and they made my make-up so much more bolder.

8hours later~ 12:00 a.m

"I can't believe I just did that," I shockingly say to myself in the mirror.

I performed in front of my first crowd. I didn't know that much people would show up.

I looked in the mirror and seen that my make-up was still on and perfectly siting on my face. My hair got much darker and has more volume.

I did a few covers and I sang my new single. I was tearing up when I began to sing but it was okay.

Now it's time to head to bed and get some rest.


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