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Luke's POV

After all that shit that went down at the Jazmine's apartment I decided to go back to the hotel. Michael was past out by the computers in the lobby.

They had the guts to yell at me. Jazmine had the guts to yell at me. I didn't give a flying duck what she thought.

I hear Calum talking to Ashton in the other room. Ashton tells Calum everything that happened last night. Calum comes in the from next door.

"That's wasn't cool to do that to Ash dude" Calum sits on Michael's bed.

"I know, I was just trying to impress Jazmine with how tough I was"

"Your trying to impress someone. You, Luke Hemmings, is trying to impress someone"

"No... I didn't say that" I was such a shit at lying.

I see Ashton walk through the door " Well if you're trying to impress her all you did was make her hate you"

"What?!?" Now I felt bad.

"I thought you weren't thing to impress her" Michaels mumbles from underneath the pillow.

"I know that but, hate? Why hate?" I ask Ashton.

"I can't tell you. I promised Jazmine I wouldn't tell anyone and I KEEP my PROMISES." Ashton puts emphasis on keep and promises. Along time ago when Ash was doing all this depressing stuff like.. cutting. And we all promised we wouldn't bring it up.

"I'm gonna go down to the pool, any one coming" Ashton walks off with his swim trunks on and a towel over his shoulders. Calum quickly takes his shirt off, puts on some basketball shorts and runs off to Ash.

"So what'd you do now? " Michaels still sounds sleepy from all that video games last night.
After all these years he's still obsessed with video games.

"I didn't do anything" why was everyone blaming it one me. Oh...yeah....it was my fault.

"Okaaaay" Michael groaned and fell off the bed. I start laughing and he just looks at me like shit on the floor." I'm gonna go with Ash and Cal" Michael leaves me and I'm left alone.

Ashton's POV

I was getting out of the pool to check my phone and Calum runs and throws me back in, but I grab him with me. We both swim up for air and see Michael coming through the pool gate.

"Sup' mate" Calum says and Michael smiles. He jumps into the pool and water goes everywhere. We all laugh and start canon balling into the water one by one.

We look over the edge and there's a judge group of fans. One girl notices me and tells her group of friends and now everyone is looking at us screaming. we hide and the screams end, we pop back up and the screaming fans begin again. We wave and one fan faints.

Calum, Michael and I run downstairs to check if she was alright. She was at he back of this huge group with a couple of friends. Calum carries the fan that fell on the ground while me and Michael talk to her friends. On the way back to the hotel entrance girls kept stopping us to take some pictures.

Calum places the girl on the lobbies couch and we surround her. One of friends wakes her up and she looked confused then she snapped and jumped on Calum.

"Oh my gosh! Calum Thomas Hood! You don't know how much I love you!" The fan cries and wraps her legs around Cal's waist. He friends start taking pictures of her and starting awe-ing.

One of her friends walks up to me and gives me a hug asking if she could get a picture with me kissing her cheek. And of course I say yes.

The other girl that wasn't all over me Cal was taking some pictures with Michael. They were all so cute

"Thanks for checking on me, even though that was pretty... Embarrassing" The fan that blanked out said.

"No problem" The three of us would've never done that if Luke was here. I don't know why he's always so bitchy and be assumed as some Angel around everyone else.

We all wave bye and Mikey, Cal and I head back up to the pool and we see Luke.

He just looks at us. "....uh.....Hi guys" he speaks up.

"Hey" Mikey says and Calum waves and I just stand there and nod.

"Hey, Ash.... I'm sorry " Luke was stupid to say all that stuff but I couldn't keep a grudge.

"You know what Luke?" I stepped up to him and he flinched. "It's fine"

"Thanks bro" Luke hugged me and I throw him in the pool. You could tell he wasn't here for swimming cause he was fully clothed so throwing him in felt like right.

After throwing him in we jump, making water everywhere.

"You boys! Stop splashing water everywhere!" I hear an old lady yell at us.

I respond quick, "Were very sorry, mam"

She just walks off into the hotel, soaked in pool water. Oops.

1 hour later

It was about 11 in the morning and none of us had break feast. Luke suggested we go I-Hop, he wanted some Pancakes I guess.

Luke drove, I sat in the back with Michael and you know where Calum is.

"Ahh shit!" Michael screams when we all hit our heads on the roof of this car.

"Luke, what the fuck was that??" Calum said rubbing his head and Luke just laughs. I think he did that on purpose.

"Speed bumps"  Luke makes a turn into I-Hop.
I don't know why I-Hop, I mean we could've gone McDonald's or Taco Bell. After parking, we all race to the door.


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