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3weeks later

"Have a good night everyone!" I shouted to audience.

I ran off stage and bumped into Luke, "Hey..."

"You know...your voice is just as beautiful as you are," He places a kiss on my lips.

I smile not knowing what else to say, "Thanks for that,"

"I was hoping I could take you out tonight," Luke suggests.

"I'd love that,"

"I gotta go, but I'll see you later,"

I smile watching him run, trying to catch up with the boys.

"Are you okay ma'am?" Someone asks.

I turn around to see one of the people that work backstage. "Yeah, I'm fine..."

"We, um...there's some fans waiting in the M and G room," He tells me.

"Could you tell them I'll be there in a few minutes," I inform him.

"No problem miss," He walks off.

Yesterday at Luke's grandparents house went very well. I didn't know he meant his whole family. He told me his parents but I guess it wouldn't have been that much fun. They were great...great people in general. Especially Zoe, she's the sweetest girl ever. She makes me think of...I don't know, maybe I could have a little girl, or boy.

I stop my train of thought and slowly make my to the m&g room, a.k.a the meet and greet room. Not a lot of fans get to do this, so when they do its a big surprise for them.  They get randomly chosen by raffle. I do this because I want fans to know that, they are the ones to make my dreams come true and that they are the reason I'm doing what I do. I know I'm not so popular, yet I hope, but the least of fans deserve to meet someone they adore.

I slowly opened up the door and seen 5 girls and a couple of boys. They were all facing the other way so they didn't notice me come in. One fan turns slowly around, and jumps off the couch. She comes rushing towards me.

"Hey..." I spoke softly pulling her into a hug.

"Hi, how are you?" She says.

"I'm fine, thanks," I release from the hug.

"So how are you guys tonight," I ask them.

"Great!" They said.

We took pictures and they gave me some gifts. Time went by fast, and they had to leave.

"I'm sorry but meet and greet is over," Management walked into the room.

"Thanks for coming!" I say as they walk out the door.

I slam myself onto the couch and wonder to myself. I'm living my dream with the man of my dreams. Sounds pretty unrealistic.

End of the show

"You ready?" Luke questioned.

"You just got off stage" I told him.

"I know but I don't want to wait any longer," Luke smiled.

"Could you at least tell me where we're going?"

"I want it to be a surprise, Now...get ready I don't want to be late," He pecked my lips and ran off to his dressing room.

I walk to my dressing room thinking of where Luke could be taking me.

It must be a real surprise if he's so excited and secretive. I can't wait!

I walk into my dressing room, rushing to find something nice to wear. Since I don't really wear dresses. I put on some ripped black jeans, black converse, and a loose white shirt. I look at myself in the mirror and it's an okay, casual look.

I roll my sleeves to look like I put some effort into my outfit. I leave my makeup just the way it is and flat iron my hair tying it into a loose high ponytail.

I open the door and I see Luke leaning against the wall.

"We're you waiting for me?" I ask him closing the door behind me.

"Yeah, you good?"

"Always.... So does casual work?" I ask for his opinion on my outfit.

"It always works for you," He smiles," Let's go,"

He pulls my hand into his and we leave the arena.

"Thank god," I say relieved that Luke didn't get a limo.

"What?" He questions.

"Nothing," I said, "I just don't really like limos, it's not that much privacy,"

"I want as much privacy as possible," Luke smirks, opening my door.

I smack his chest knowing that he was thinking of something dirty.

"So where is this place?" I ask, while I get comfortable in the passenger seat.

"Maybe an hour from here," He answers.


"What is this place?" I ask.

"This is where we're going to eat," Luke smiles.

"It's just a shack, with a few Christmas lights and canoes,"

"I know, its a canoe ride down the river that leads to this really nice place with fireflies and Christmas lights and music and it's-"

"Very private," I cut him off.

"Luke no..." I sigh.


"You always do these nice things for me and they're really sweat but I don't want you to spend so much money on me,"

"Babe...money doesn't matter to me. I just want you to be happy."

"Luke, you make me happy. Not the money you spend,"

"I know babe, but just this last time...okay?"

"Okay...but after this its my turn to surprise you with things,"

"Okay," Luke whispers, leading me into the shack.

"Good Evening!" A guy greeted us with a thick Italian accent, "Reservation for...Mr. and Mrs.Hemmings,"

I look towards Luke and he nods. Mr. and Mrs.??? Jazmine Hemmings......that has a nice ring to it.

The Italian frontier leads us to the lake dock. Luke helps me into the canoe and the Italian man sweeps is away from the dock.

The lake ride was about 10minutes out. Just before we came to a corner, there was a glare of beamed lights and a dock way covered in vines and Christmas lights.

"And....we...are here," the Italian man stopped the canoe at the side of the dock and Luke walked me to the outdoor sitting.

"Luke..." I gasped, "This is beautiful,"

He pulled out my chair, then took a seat in front of me.



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