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I yawn, rubbing my eyes. I look at my phone and it's two in the morning.

I take my flannel off and throw it in the trash. It's not like I need it anymore, its blood stained.

My arms are still sore from cutting.Rubbing my arms, I feel that the cuts are still open. Some are still crying blood. Not as much as last night.

I unlock my phone and go through my contacts. I come across Clarissa's contact, reading bestie. I delete her contact, not wanting to ever talk to her ever again.

I scroll again and I see Sister. Sister it reads. I get confused... I don't have a sister, I'm an only child.  Then it came to me........Dawn. It was Dawn.

I made her contact name, Sister because she was like one to me. I really miss her, especially at times like this.

I hear a thud with following foot steps. I look up from my phone and it's a naked Luke. I cover up my eyes not wanting to look at his body.

"Jazmine?......" Luke calls out.

I don't answer but I look back at him and he's gone. Few seconds later he comes back with boxers on.

"Jazmine?" Luke approaches me.

I get from the chair and step back from him.

"Jazmine please!" He begs me to listen.

"What Luke?!" My words sounding weak as tears form.

"I'm sorry," He apologizes.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry Luke!" I get mad as Sorry was all he could say.

"Please don't get mad,"

"How can't I be! You fucked my best friend!" I cry.

"I'm sorry!"

"Luke I loved you! I loved you...even if you didn't know it, I fucking loved you!" I shout, tears falling from my eyes.

"Jazmine.... I love you!" He approaches me with a tear falling from his eyes.

"I showed you my scars! I told my secrets to you! I told you I love you," I shout and fall to the ground cradling up. I hold my knees to my head and start crying.

I hear nothing but myself crying. It didn't seem like long.

"Jazmine....Jazmine," I hear Calum approach me.

I slowly look up and everything is blurred.

"We're here.... we're in Cali now," Calum informs me.

I slowly stand with the help of Calum. I walk towards the bunks, staring at the floor in shame.

I bump into someone, I look up and it's Clarissa. 

"Well hello?" Clarissa smirks.

"Fuck you!" I get the guts to say and walk pass her and Luke.

I grab my luggage out the back room and speed walk my way pass everyone. Grabbing everything that belonged to me I walked out the tour bus. I come to see screaming fans and paparazzi.

"Jazmine! Jazmine!" I hear a few people from the crowd scream. A fan stops me.

"Are you okay?"  A girl asks me. "Your eyes are teary and red," She worriedly asks.

"Yeah I'm fine," I sniffle.

I walk out the crowd and look back. I see Luke and Clarissa exit the tour bus together.

"Luke! Luke!," A pap screams, "What's the news on You and Jazmine!"

Another pap shouts, "who's the new girl!?"

I looked as Luke walked through the crowd. He looks up and we make eye contact. I stare at him for a few seconds until my eyes were completely tear blurred. I turn back around and the tears fell from my eyes.

I stop around the corner. This was the closest hotel around here but I didn't want to stay here.

I get a call on my phone and I rush to find it. Looking at my phone, it's a number I don't recognize.

"Hello?" I answer the answer the phone.

"Jazmine...yes, It's Ms.Jones!" She answers, "I was wondering if you could meet me in my office right away?"

"Um...yeah yeah sure!"

She hangs up the phone before I got to ask where her office was. Then I remembered she gave me her business card.

I get a uber and give the driver the business card, so he would know where to go. It was a 30minute drive.

"Thanks!" I say to the driver, giving him a tip.

Standing in front of a cement building with all glass windows and doors. I walk in and I'm greeted by polite doormen.

"Good morning! How may I help you?" The lady at the front desk asks.

"I'm here to meet Ms.Jones!"

She types something into her computer, "Jazmine?"


She calls someone over, "This man will lead you to Ms.Jones office,"

I smile, thanking her.

"I'll get your bags ma'am!" The man grabs my bags.


We go up the elevator and reach the top floor. He leads me into one of the most fanciest rooms I've ever seen.

"Ms.Jones will be with you in a moment,"


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