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"ow...." I complain at the pain of my head.

"Ms.Blair?" I hear a voice.

I open my eyes to bright lights. I block the light with my arms. I look around and see that I'm in the hospital.

"Sir, we're gonna need a statement from the young lady," I see a cop speak to the doctor.

"What I'm doing here?" I ask the doctors.

"Ms.Blair you had a concussion........now, these police men are gonna need a statement from you," The doctor informs me and leaves me with the two police men.

"How'd I get here?" I ask.

"Ma,am there was an accident," The cop shyly informs me.

Then I remembered.... Clarissa brought out a gun and I just blacked out.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Someone got hurt...."

Behind the police men I see many doctors wheel someone on a stretcher. I sit up to get a closer look and...."Dawn!"

I remove the needle in my arms and I strap myself from the iV system. I run to the stretcher and grab onto Dawn's hands.

"Dawn..." I cry, "No...please Dawn don't leave..."

"Ma'am, Ma'am, we're gonna need you to let go," The doctors demanded.

I ignored and followed them into a room, not letting go of Dawn's arms.

"Guards!" A doctor shouts.

I get pulled back by two guards.

I cry as I get pulled back into my medical room.

I crawl into the bed and held my head to my knees. Bawling my eyes out. "Why?....." I cry to myself.

"Can someone please tell me what's happening!" I shout in frustration.

"Ma'am a woman named Clarissa shout your friend Dawn, and right now she is in critical condition," The cops informs me.

"She got shot?" I cried

"Three gunshots to the chest..."

The more they tell me what happened the more I cry.

"I'm sorry ma'am,"

I try to run to Dawn's room but they keep stopping me. I try once more and make my way out the room.

I take a few steps into the surgical room Dawn was in and the image in front of me, made me go frozen.

I watched as they tried to bring her back to life.

"Clear!" One of the doctors shouted as another shocked Dawn's chest.

It felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Felt like this was just a terrible nightmare.......but I was wrong..... this is all real.

I fall to the ground not being able to hold back my tears. I look up to see the doctors packing away the equipment with disappointment on their faces.

I look up, wondering if God did this on purpose...if he wanted me to be alone....if he wanted me to suffer. I sit there, praying that...somehow God would bring her back to life.

"Jazmine......Jazmine....we need to go...." I hear a voice, sounding almost blurred in the background.

I get pulled up by one arm and get dragged out of the hospital. I walk outside only to see a crowd of people, surrounding a black SUV. Everywhere I turn there's a flash in my eyes.

"Simon!" I hear someone yell, "Ms.Jones!"

I get pushed into the Black SUV. Then everything just stops. The noises, the flashes... Everything. It's like my life just flashed before my eyes.

I hear someone try to get my attention.

"Start driving!" Someone shouts.

My eyes open up to see Mr. Cowell and Ms.Jones. The front seats are taken up by two men. I turn around to see two other men. I cant seem to figure out who these men. Then my vision becomes clear and i see that its the boys.

"Jazmine?" Simon calls out my name.

I nod, too weak to answer with words.

"We're sorry about the accident but were gonna need you, to toughen up and act like nothing happened," Simon informs me.

They just want me to forget everything that happened? How could i forget what happened? I lost the one person that was as closest to family as i could get. I got my heart broken by the only person I have ever fell in love with and i just cant take it anymore.

Everyone thinks its so easy to forget, but thing is its not!

I make a weird face at Simon, showing that i didn't understand why he'd want me to just forget.

"The publicity can get really bad, and hate multiplies quickly," Simon explains to me.

My eyes are still swollen from crying and i don't think the swelling will go down soon.

"Hate?" I question, "But i didn't even do anything wrong,"

"We know but the public will believe anything," Ms. Jones informs me.

"Jaz-" I hear someone get cut off.

"Luke, not now...just drive" Simon speaks.

Luke.... not sure if i ever want to see him ever again, or anyone. I just want to be alone and listen to some music.

All of a sudden, the car comes to a quick stop. "Where are we?" I ask.

"This is my get away house," Ms.Jones says.

"Simon there are paps following us," Luke states.

Hearing his voice sounded so soothing.

"What we doing here?" I ask, "And I thought the boys had tour,"

"Tour?" Ms. Jones questioned, "They just went on tour, it was like derp con but without-"

"The derp," Simon finished her sentenced.

We all walked into the mansion. I think that it's weird to have such a big place if it's only you living there.

They helped me into a room and I crawled into bed.

Just as they left the room I took a couple anxiety pills to help me fall asleep.


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