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"Does this look fine?" I asked Luke.

"You look great," He answered.

Although Luke said I looked okay, I'm still questioning my clothing choices. I decided to wear Aztec cut out tank, a black high waist skirt that went a few inches above my knee, and my black high top converse. At first I had on a dress, but Luke insisted to dress casual since it was just brunch and he didn't want me to be uncomfortable.

"Are you sure?" I asked once more.

"Positive!" Luke laughed. "Let's go,"

"Is the boys gonna be there?" I wondered.

"They're always there, but not today,"

At Mr. & Mrs. Hemmings house

"Luke...I'm not ready," I walked across the street.

"Babe.....what are you so worried about?" Luke asked.

I ignored him and stared at his parents house from across the street.

I feel him clutch onto my hands, "Don't worry," He says. I take a deep breathe before Luke walks me to the front porch.

He knocks on the door and we're greeted by his grandparents.

"Lukey!" They hugged him.

They turned their attention towards me, "how beautiful!" They exclaimed.

"Thank you!" I said as I gave them both hugs and kisses.

"Come in, come in!" They said.

We walked to the back and outside was this big yard with an outside pool and a swing set.

I look to my left and there's three picnic tables set up with food and drinks.

"Mum, Dad, this is...my girlfriend," Luke brings me over to his parents.

"Hi I'm Jazmine!" I introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you," his dad, Andrew smiles.

"I hope to learn more about you," his mom, Liz says.

I take a seat next to who I think is Luke's brother. Sits at the end of the table with his little cousin in front of me.

My legs starts to shake and my hands get fidgety.

"Nervous?" I hear someone laugh. I look to my left and it's his brother.

"Kind of..." I answer, "I'm Jazmine by the way,"

"Jack....Luke's brother," Jack smiles.

"Oh and don't be nervous, your family now," He added.

I'm family now...haven't thought of the word family. Never had one so I guess it never came across my mind.

"Time to pray," Luke's grandmother insisted, "Luke..."

Luke shrugs and starts to thank everyone for coming to join for brunch.

"and thank you everyone who got ready the food, now let's eat!" Luke ended his thanking.

We all sit back down and everyone scatters to grab food.

I felt someone tug on my skirt and I turn my my side and see a little girl.  "Luke says your his girlfriend, is that true?" The little girl asked so sweetly.

"Haha, yeah I am," I made my voice seem high.

"Your pwety..." She giggles.

"Your the pretty one here," I lift her up on to my lap. "So... what's the pretty girls name?"

"I'm...Zoe," She giggled.

"That's such a cute name!"

"Haha, thanks,"

"Aren't you hungry?"

"No, I just wanna play,"

"Don't you want some mash potatoes or some corn?"

She shrugs, signaling me she didn't want to eat.

"Why don't I make you a deal, huh?"


"Why don't the both of us eat some food, then we could go play together?" I insisted.

The biggest smile appeared on her face and she giggled, "promise?"

"I promise...okay, you should so go sit by your mom and dad now," I told her.

"I want to sit by you," She swayed.

"Zoe, leave Jazz alone, she wants to eat," Luke interrupts.

"No it's fine, don't worry about it," I told Luke.

I brought Zoe onto my lap and made her a plate of food. She signaled me to come closer to her then she whispered, "I think Luke's jealous he can't sit on your lap,"

"I think your right" I laughed. 

Luke's POV

"Where you going?" I ask Jazmine as she gets up from the table.

She leans one hand on my shoulder while the other holds Zoe's hand. "I'm just gonna go play with Zoe for now, I promised I would," Jazmine informed me, leaving a kiss on my cheek before getting pulled away by Zoe.

I turned around to watch Zoe play Jazmine. Zoe didn't really get along with people she never met before. She usually just stays and hangs with me.

"I guess she likes her better than you," my aunt laughs.

"I guess so..." I smiled. The thought of Jazmine getting along with my cousins and family members made me happy I brought her here.

While we were eating, there was a lot of conversations going on and Jazmine just blended right in.

"Hey," Jack taps my shoulder, "Did you guys..."

"Did we what?" I ask.

"You know..."

"I'm not going to answer that,"

"Okay whatever,"

"So you and Jazmine," My mom starts, "She is a very nice young lady,"

"Yeah she is," I smiled.

"Do you love her?" My mom asked.

"With every piece of me,"

"So how'd you two meet?" Jack asked.

"We met at a outlet in California,"

"Let me guess," Jack starts, "You were in hot topic, messing around, and she spotted you,"

"I fell on the floor and she laughed," I joked.

"So in this case, I guess I kind of fell for her,"


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