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"SHUT UP!" I hear someone scream from the living room in my apartment. Then I hear Clarissa crying. I act quick and go through my closet. Because of my past, I bought a few things to keep me secured and safe.

I find my black suitcase and open to see my taser and handgun, and yes I do have a permit.

I grab the taser and run outside of my room to see Clarissa with her dress up sobbing her face off and Jake getting his dick ready. And right before he could even try, rape, my best friend I use my taser right on his dick and he falls on the ground.

Clarissa quickly jumped behind me. Jake was naked on my floor and I was disgusted. "You better leave now!" I tell him in the most furious way I can. Then I threaten him with the taser.

"Wait!" I tell him, " Clarissa, grab his clothes and throw it over" She does as I tell her.

"What the fu-"  Jake tried to finish, but was stopped by my taser. "Get out now!" And he does.

"Wait one more thing" I hear from behind me. Clarissa ran up to Jake with the pizzas in her hands and boom! Jake was covered in tomato sauce, cheese and other yummy ingredients that did NoT look yum on him. "Good bye!" I waved as I slammed the door.

"Oh! Gosh" Clarissa comes running up to me with a huge hug and tears falling from her face. I hug her back to give her comfort. I felt like a big sister to her, and I probably was to her.

"Thank you so much! I love you Jaz" She cried after each word she took a deep breathe. I hope she now knows Jake is bad for her and that she should listen to me.

"I told you he wasn't good" I took a breather "I'm just glad you see what this boy only wants"

"Yeah I do now , thanks bestie.." She got up and wiped her tears with mascara running down and all over my white shirt." Come on go take a shower and cool off" I tell her. She didn't have any clothes to wear so I lend her a pair of shorts and one of my band merch.

I heard the mist of water end and she asks me if I have any new underwear. Good thing I went shopping yesterday and I had to give her one of my new VS underwears.

"Your so lucky I'm your bff" I tell her and she admits that she is the luckiest person on earth. After a few minutes she comes out of the bathroom fresh and clean. She had a curious look on her face.

"Could I ask you a question" Clarissa seemed as if she was scared to ask me. I nod and she continues.

"So... You have...a....taser?" She questioned me like I was gonna tase her.

"Yes I do" I respond.

"That's so cool, it's like your a cop, or a spy , or some kind special agent, or-" She rambles. The list could've gone on and on and on but I had to stop her to make sure she understands what just happened.

"Clarissa, you do understand what just happened right?" With that all she does is nod at me.
"I just don't want my friend to get hurt"

She understands me and answers "yeah...thanks for that, anyways are you allowed to have a taser anyways?"

" yeah I'm pretty sure" I hate when she always question me, as she was younger than me. Well by 2 months, but I guess 2 months made a big difference.

"Wait , but what if we get into trouble, what if he called the cops and say we attacked him?" She looked concerned and confused why I looked so confident that we wouldn't get into trouble.

"We won't get in trouble , I promise." She still had a confused look on her face so I guess I could tell her about the cameras I placed in my apartment.

" I have cameras in my apartment, and I usually turn them off when I get home but I forgot as I was putting away all the groceries. So I have everything on tape. Okay so don't worry, if he tells I'll have proof to protect us." I confront her.

"Wait!?! You have cameras in your apartment? Um I was kinda showering  in your bathroom you know!" She got angry and had an embarrassed look on her face like I saw her body or something.

" Only in the kitchen, living room, and hall ways" I say irritated.

"Phew! Oh okay" Clarissa spoke relieved.

After watching I don't know 10  episodes of SpongeBob we decided to go to sleep. There was three bedrooms in my apartment, oh my gosh I'm amazed they fit all of this in one apartment. I have the master bedroom and Clarissa took one of the other bedrooms, she spent a lot of time here so the room was technically hers.

"Goodnight!" We both say at once.

I enter my room and lay flat on the bed. Looking up at the Galaxy . Well not an actual Galaxy but a wall paper Galaxy on the ceiling of my room.

All the thoughts of today never left my mind and finally I decide to just put it in the very past and move on. Forget about that dumb shit Jake and fall right to sleep.


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