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Luke's POV

I woke up on the floor. As I get from the ground I see Clarissa sleeping on my bed.

I don't want her to be here right now so I decide to wake her up. "Clarissa...Clarissa," I shake her lightly.

She mumbles , "Go back to sleep, Luke,"

"Clarissa you need to go,"

"What?" She jumps out of bed.

"I'm sorry Clarissa but you have to go," I open up the door.

I watch as she grabs all of her belongings and walk out the door.

I slam the door and shout in frustration.

She meant everything to me, and I fucked it up. I messed everything up, Jazmine was suppose to be the one. I loved her and I still do. I screwed it up just for sex.

I walk out the door and turn to Jazmine's hotel room. I wait a few seconds before knocking on the door.

Jazmine's POV

I've been up for three hours now. I didn't get much sleep, the pills weren't working. It helped me fall asleep but I didn't keep me sleeping for long. It's seven in the morning right now.

I get up to use the bathroom, as I wash my hands I hear someone knock on my door. I wipe my face with a towel and check who it was.

I look through the peek hole. "Luke..." I mumble to myself.

I turn around and slide myself down the door. I bite the sides of my fingers, I breath shakingly and hope he's gone. I notice tears falling on my lap... thinking of what happened the other night.

Few minutes passed and I check if he's still there, and he is. I finally open up the door and let him in.

We take a seat on the bed.

I wipe my tears and start the conversation, "What are you doing here Luke?"

"I wanted to see you," Luke shyly says.

I missed him, I missed talking to him even if it was just for a night or two, I missed his presence.

"Why?" My words.

"I love you...." Luke stares into my eyes. I see tears forming in his.

I cry a tear, thinking that I'll never get over what happened.

"Why'd you do it Luke? Why?" My voice, making my words sound weak.

He takes a deep breath as if he was going to be ashamed of what he's going to say. "I just wanted to have fun,"

I get shocked as that was what fun was to him.

"Fun Luke!" I get up from the bed, "You just wanted sex!"

"All the times we were kissing I thought we were gonna do it, but we didn't and I....I just," He started.

"I just what Luke!" I shout angrily, tears still falling from my eyes.

"I just wanted to go further than just kissing!" He admits.

"Love is not about sex!" I yell.

"YES IT IS!" He shouts angrily raising his arm, slapping me across my face.

"Get out Luke!" I cry, I hold the side of my face. It starts to sting even more.

"I'm sorry...I...I didn't mean to do that," Luke tries to comfort me. I push him away.

"Get OUT!" I shout once more.

He stomps his way and slams the door.

Why would he do that. I walk over to the bathroom and wash my face. I turn my head and see that half of my face is fully red . I cry until my eyes go completely dry.

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