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"Yeah!!!" I screamed while I accidentally beeped the horn on my silver jeep. Me and Clarissa  were rockin' out to My Chemical Romance.

"And if your heart stops beating! I'll be here wondering, Did you get what you deserved!!" Clarissa sang at the top of her lungs. We're heading back to my apartment from buying some groceries, ugh I feel so old saying that.

My train of thought went on about the lunch I could make with what we bought. Then Clarissa  started yelling the few last lyrics of the song.

"If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing, if life ain't just a joke, Then why am I DEAD!?!"

We both screamed our loudest, "DEAD!!!!"
We could tell we were loud because my fellow neighbors walking their dogs looked at us like we were freaks.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Blakely!" I said in a singing tone. She was the most sweetest elder lady ever. We both gave her kisses and continued to my apartment.

"hahaha, you guys are too cute!" Nona spoke as soon as possible as Clarissa and I raced to my apartment door. Nona was.. I don't know ... I guess it was kinda my nickname for her.

As soon as I reached my door I heard a thud. Turning the corner of my apartment , Clarrisa fell and I burst out laughing. She decided to dress all fancy with my combat heels and a dress,even though we were just buying groceries.

The smart person I am, I decided with a white spaghetti strap, sweatpants, black vans, and my red flannel. You wouldn't understand how much I love my flannels.

I finally walk over to help Clarrisa up. We slowly walk to the apartment door like we were spy's on some secret mission.

Entering my apartment for the millionth time in two years, I still always forget how big it was.

"Clarissa!" I can't believe she just did that.

"Jazmine!" She mocked me. She flinged my combat heels across the room. I know that's not such a big deal but she could've broke something, there's glass  every where.

" Ugh, just don't break anything" I would always have to say this each time she came over to my apartment.

"Okay" Clarrisa dragged on. "So what are we eating?"

"I'm not really sure, what'd you buy?" I asked wondering what the hell she bought with these three grocery bags filled high.

"I just grabbed stuff off the counter, that looked good " She glared at me before slamming herself on the couch directly placed in front on the flat screen, I bought a couple months ago.

"Cereal? Granola bars? Chocolate? Candy?" Yup that's all the food she bought. I complained to her but all she did was nod. I knew she was watching Rupaul's Drag Race, but just a simple 'oh' would be better than ignoring me.

I looked deeper in the bags and see.. "STARBUCKS!" 4 packs of Starbucks bottled coffee , my favorite drink of all time, well besides Arizona green tea.

"Yup, I knew that would shut you up with all your complaining, there's also Ari-" I interrupt her and scream " ARIZONA GREEN TEA!"

"Thanks Clare!" I thanked her. "No problem, Jaz" She still didn't make any eye contact as she was watching two drag queens lip sync for their life's . Oh yeah Clare and Jaz was our nicknames for each other.

As I was storing all the food and drinks away, I noticed we still didn't have anything for lunch and it was already 1pm by the time I finished putting everything away.

"I can order pizza" Clarissa  suggested. Its like she could read my thoughts.

" Okay, but you're paying" I told, as she agreed. "The usual?" She asked, already knowing the answer, so I didn't bother to answer.

Clarrisa would always volunteer herself to order because the guy she had a crush on worked there. She's always eager to talk to him. I didn't really trust him, I don't know why but he just gives off a bad feeling that I can't explain. I would always tell Clarissa to stay away from him, but she doesn't listen to me.

I had nothing to do but watch Rupaul's Drag Race with her, so I did. I started laughing, when they started to put their fake boobs on. It's funny how guys are better than most girls on putting on make up.

"Isn't the wait 20minutes, why isn't taking so lo-" The door bell rang and immediately Clarrisa knew it was Jake. You know the one she has a crush on.

She asked if I could go hide and act like I wasn't home, I complained assuming he had already hear us talking but I guess not. So I go wait in my bedroom.

Clarrisa's POV

I was nervous as usual when he came over. I took a deep breathe and opened the door.

"Hi there Clarrisa" Jake spoke so sexy. I couldn't handle what was happening.

I giggled "So 20bucks right?" All I heard was yeah then I walks right pass me checking around.

"So your here alone?" He asks and throws the boxes of pizza on the counter on walks up to me.

"Ummm... What are you doing?...Jake?" And right then he kissed me and we fell onto the couch.

He started grinding on me like we were doing it, but I didn't enjoy it.

"Stop! Jake stop! Get off of me!" I try to push him off but I'm too weak. I didn't enjoy what was happening

"Oh please, I know you like what you see. I know you like me." He said so confident.

"No I don't , I don't like this feeling." I start to cry. He was using my feelings against me, he was using me. I couldn't breathe and all of a sudden I feel him slide my dress up.

"SHUT UP!" He screams at me while putting pressure on my neck. He takes his shirt off and I'm not amazed. I just wanted him to get off of me and I start sobbing.


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