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•Warning- contains sexual content•

"Luke, no," I obliged.

"Please babe..." He pleaded.

"What if they don't like me?" I tried my best to get out of the situation.

"They'll love you," Luke applies. 

"Fine okay..." I gave in to Luke. He begged me to meet his parents.

"Could you stay in here?" Luke begged.

I plopped onto the bed and got comfortable beside Luke.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other's company.

"Sydney's beautiful," I complimented his home town.

"I miss this place," Luke says, getting up from the bed. He walks over to the glass window and stares down. I sit at the edge of the bed and I end up staring at his bold frame.

I watch as he slowly turns around. His graze looks around the room before his eyes lands on me. He bits his lips, making his lip ring pop back out.

He quickly approaches me, and slams his lips onto mines. His force makes me drop back onto my elbows. The heat from his lips went well with the coldness from his lip ring.

He slithered his tongue to mines and I quickly joined in. Our bodies move in sync and I slung my arm around his neck. He pushed his chest into mine, making me drop onto my back. I wrap my hands on the peek of his jaw.

I feel him crawl onto the bed, now hovering over me. With one hand he slides his fingers down to my hips. I feel tension between my thighs and I pull Luke in closer to me. We switch positions and I flop up on top him, not releasing from the kiss.

I feel shivers going through my spine, as Luke digs his fingers up and down my back. We pull back from the kiss for a few seconds, allowing Luke to pull my shirt over my head. I pull my hair over to the left side of my shoulders, and dive back into the kiss.

I nibble the bottom of lip, by the sensitive spot near his lip ring. He lets out a small moan and I smile, knowing that gave him pleasure.

Through his pants, I feel him get hard. It sends a shill through my bottom parts. I grind up and down against his pants to release pressure between my hips.

Once more, we switched positions. I watch as he pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his broad chest. Leaning back down, he leaves a trail of kisses down my neck, before reaching the sweat spot near my collar bone. "Luke..." I let out a soft moan.

With each touch, he sucks on my skin, leaving marks everywhere possible. He trails down to my torso, sucking on the skin by my hips. He looks up at me with his stunning blue eyes, before tugging down on my shorts. He yanks it off and I hear it drop to the floor.

He squeezes my inner thigh with one hand, while the other feels me through my underwear. His touch felt sensational. He trails back up to my mouth and smacks his lips back onto my mines.

He continues to rub against me during the kiss, and I start to get sexually frustrated. I reach down to his belt buckle and tug it off his jeans. "Luke......Luke..." I try to stop the kiss to steady my breathe.

He slowly pulls back from the kiss, "yeah..." He answers.

As I steady my breathe I tug on his jeans, signaling him to take it off.

Once he takes them off he hovers over me, wraps his arms around me and switch positions.

I move down to his boxers and tug down. His length shoots straight up, and I gasp at how big it is.

"Fuck...." Luke groans as I quickly give him a bj making him much harder then before. 

I slowly climb onto him and kiss him, right then he lifts me off the bed with my legs wrapped around his torso. He pushes everything off the hotels desk and places me down. He stares at me with his hand wrapped around my jaw, while the other goes to unclip my bra.

He lifts my jaw up to meet his eyes. He pulls my straps off my arms and pulls my underwear off making me bounce back onto the desk. We were both now naked and ready to do whatever was going to happen next.

He aggressively pulls me into him, letting me know he was going to start...but he pauses for a few seconds and goes to grab something out of his bag.

"A condom?" I smile, "if you don't wanna wear a condom you don't have to wear one,"

"Thanks babe but I don't want you to get a surprise pregnancy,"

"With you, I'd love to have that kind of surprise,"

He smirks and throws the condom onto the floor.

Still sitting on the desk, he pulls me into him once more and slowly pushes in.

"oh god..." I mutter leaning my head back onto the wall.

He thrusts slowly and speeds up, making my back arch. I wrap my arms around Luke's back, digging my fingers into his skin, trying to release pressure. He continues thrusting, and with each thrust he gets more aggressive.

He carries me, walking away from the desk and slams my back onto the wall. His thrust making me bounce up and down against the wall. I bite my lip in pleasure, trying to hold back the noises that are wanting to escape from my mouth.

Carrying me to the bed, I get into role and began aggressively kissing him, while continues to do his his thing.

"lu-luke..." I stutter not being able to control the whimpers exiting my mouth.

I grip onto the sheets of the bed as Luke makes the deepest thrust, before pulling out. The last thrust, made me shiver from its sensational feeling.

I sit up from the bed, and kissed Luke before pushing him back onto the bed. I crawled on top of him and teased him by striding my tongue over his tip. I go as far down as possible using my hand for assistance.

I move up to his lips and leave one lass kiss before jumping off the bed.

"Where you going?" Luke smirks, leaning back on his elbows.

"Shower," I answered.

"I could use a shower..." He insisted.

We both laughed and jumped into the shower.

"I love you..." Luke spoke, water running down his face.

"I love you," I smiled.


I feel so guilty about this chapter. I'm not good at writing these kind of scenes.

If your reading this, thanks!

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