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I yawn slowly getting up from bed. I smile, remembering the date I went on with Luke.

I didn't unpack anything because we have to leave now. I dropped my luggage onto the bed and grabbed out a pair of black ripped jeans and a deal grey crop top.

I slipped on my black converse and tied my hair into a high ponytail.

I grabbed all my things and walked out the door. As I closed the door I bumped into Luke.

"Good morning beautiful" Luke yawned.

"Good morning, Luke"

"How was your sleep?"

"It was good thanks!"

Me and luke Took the elevator down to the car.

"Are you not cold?" Luke asked.

"Kinda..." I muttered.

"Here have my jacket," Luke insisted.

"No, keep it!" I refused.

"Jazmine take it please,"

"okay....." I gave in, letting Luke assist me on putting it on, "Thank you..."

It was only 5 in the morning and the pap still got here on time.

"Come Jazmine...the guards will get our stuff," He informed me, grabbing my hand.

We walked outside and had no trouble with the pap. They asked a few questions, that Luke answered, but that was all.

"Isn't it kind of weird?" I asked Luke, taking a seat next to him.

"What?" He questions.

"You go back and forth to different countries,"

"I guess yeah..."


"Yeah..." He looked down at me, with his slightly red eyes.

"Hold me..."

He mumbled something but I didn't give any thought to it.

Luke wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I snuggled up under the curve of his arm.

The car ride was 20 minutes to the airport.

"A private jet?!?" I shout.

Luke laughed, trying to cover his teeth from showing.

I walked onto the plane and it was some high quality stuff in here.

"Come here," said Luke.

He showed me a seat and I sat down and got comfy. Luke took a seat next to me. I slid my hands onto his and they felt warm. His touch was so soothing.

"What did you say in the car?" I plainly asked Luke.

"Don't worry about it..."


"Okay....I said 'I wouldn't let go'"

He wouldn't let go. I felt like my heart sunk. He makes me feel so special.....just with those simple words.....he made me feel special.

I smiled at him and laid my head onto his chest. I could listen to his heart beat forever.

Luke's POV

She fell asleep on my chest, I could hear her little wheezes.

"Hey!" Michael walked in.

"Hey..." I answered.

"You two look cute,"

I grinned, "thanks!"

We were cute together. I like the sound of that.


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