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Jazmine's POV

"What do you guys usually wear to the club?" I ask the boys.

"Just jeans and a shirt!" Luke informs me.

"The usual.." I mumble.

I look through my luggage that I packed. I find my stay weird shirt, my shredded jeans shorts and a black flannel. I go to the back room to change into my clothes.

I take off the shirt that Luke gave me and put on my crop top. I remove my pants and put on my shorts.
I walk out of the back room and wrap the flannel around my waist.

"Ready?" Luke asks.

"Almost," I tell him.

I walk into the bathroom and quickly apply a light smokey eye. I leave my hair down in its natural wavy form.

"Done?" asks Luke.

"Done!" I tell him.

We walk out the tour bus and in front of us is a big building. Club 21?

"Luke? Aren't we suppose to be 21?" I ask.

"No, just don't worry Jazmine," he assures me, "have you been in a club before?"

"Not really... no" I answer.

"Don't worry just stay with me," Luke comforts me, wrapping his arm around my waist.

We walk in and I could smell the alcohol... too much drunk people rubbing up against each other.

"Come Jazmine, let's go upstairs," Luke grabs my hands.

I turn around and there's this girl who gives me a bad look. She looked at me like I stole something from her or I owe her money.

"Luke!" I tell at Luke for yanking my arm, "why'd you do that?"

"We have to hurry up," He tells me.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because, a lot of fans find us at night clubs," Luke informs me.

"Where are the boys?"

"They're here already," He tells me, "Jazmine I just want you to have some fun okay, I love you!" He kisses me on my forehead. He loves me... he loves me?

"Luke...What are we?" I ask about our relationship.

"We are us!" He smiles, "Together!" That was what he said.

"Together.....as in..." Luke stopped me.

"Yes!" He laughed, "As in a couple. I'm sick of knowing that your still on the market when I'm here and that I can't call you mine or having to hold back from kissing you,"

"Luke... you kiss me anyways," I laugh.

"I know but I want to do that around anyone, not caring what they would think," He admits, "Babe...I love you. Just chill back with me okay?"

I nod answering him. Babe.... I like the sound of that.

"I'm gonna go get a drink downstairs, I'll be back," Luke leaves a kiss on my lips and walks downstairs

I turn around and see Calum siting on one of the stools near a high table.

"Hey Jazmine!" Calum smiles.

"Hey!" I take a seat next to him.

"What happen with you and Luke?" Calum asks raising his eyebrows with are fairly bushy. Although it's so cute.

"Nothing..." I played it off.

"Well if I was you, I would keep an eye out," Calum suggests.

"For what?" I ask confused.

"Groupies," Calum says, "Luke always gets groupies,"

"What the hell are groupies?" I question scratching the side of my head confusingly.

"They're fans that we sleep with," Calum says, sounding embarrassed.

"You sleep with fans!" I shockingly said.

"No... well not anymore..." He mumbled.

"Does...Luke sleep with fans?" I stuttered.

"He hasn't ever since he met you," Calum spoke, "Well at least not as much,"

"Really???" I'm surprised, "Okay well I'm gonna go find Luke," I walk off and I turn around to see Calum drowning himself in alcohol.

Luke sleeps with innocent fans? I'm so caught off guard by this. I don't know how someone would sleep with a fan, sleeping with someone you don't know? That's messed up.

I walk downstairs and I get stopped by some guy.

"Well hello there Hot Top!" He squeezes my hips.

"Touch me again and my hips aren't gonna be the only thing being squeezed!" I warned him.

"Well see....thats exactly what I want," He smirks,"So I guess I win!"

"Fuck you!" I scream smacking him across the face. I run towards the dance floor and the guy catches me.

"No, no, no little girl." He laughs pulling me to the side, "No one smacks me!" He grips onto my arm, tightly.

"Let go of me!" I attempt to release myself from his grip.

"No!" He tightens his grip, "You're coming with me!" He pulls me to the back, into a dark room.

"AH!" He screams in pain as I shock him with my taser.

He lets go of me and I run back up stairs.

"Jazmine?" Calum asks, "What's wrong?"

I'm too out of breathe to talk.

"There you are!" The guy from earlier grabs me by my arm and flings me to the side.

He then forces my body into the wall and shoves his tongue down my throat. I push him away and kick him in the balls.

I run to Calum and he punches the guy in the face.

"Ryan?" Calum questions.

"Calum," The guy stands up.

"You know him?!?" I yell questioning both of them.

"Yeah...he's friends with Luke," Calum says. "Ryan, you should leave, you know what happened last time," Calum warned Ryan. Ryan ran away holding his jaw.

"Are you okay?" Calum turns his attention towards me.

"Yeah... thanks," I thank him, "I hate this,"

"Hate the club?" Calum asks, "Why?"

"Too much drunk and crazy people," I tell Calum.

"Like Ryan," He laughs, "What happen anyways?" Calum sounds concern.

"He basically tried to rape me," I exaggerate, "Good thing I had my taser,"

"That fuck!" He complains.

"You don't like him?" I ask.

"No," Calum flatly says.

"Isn't he Luke's friend,"

"Yeah... Luke's and Michael's friend," Calum informs me.


"He's a twat bag!," Calum barked, "He's a sex addict,"

"Wow...okay," I slightly speak, "Anyways I'm gonna go to the tour bus now,"

"Can I come?" Calum asks.

"Yeah, are you sober?"

"Don't worry I'm sober enough," Calum assures me.

We walk pass the crowed floor and exit the club.

"Do you hear that?" I ask Calum as I enter the tour bus, hear a weird noise.

"Oh yeah!" We hear someone moan.

"Is someone fucking having sex?!?" Calum yells shockingly.


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