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"Haaaaaah," I yawn. I check the time and I see its four in the morning.

I want some food right now but Luke is blocking my way. I make the decision to crawl over him. I move one leg over and across his body.

"Oh shit," I whisper, hitting Luke 'area' while trying to not hit my head on the ceiling above us.

Luke yawns and turns on his back making me drop down onto him. At this moment I'm sitting on his waist one leg and one hand on each side of him and my hair to my left side. I remove the hair from my mouth and I have a clear shot of Luke looking straight at me .

He moves slightly upwards, making me move with him. "Couldn't help yourself?"

I turn to block my blush. I decide to play around And get flirty.

"Maybe," I teased.

"Really," he smirked and placed his hands on my bottom.

"Mostly yeah," I teased.

"Prove it," He smirked.

Prove it? Ill prove it to him.

I lean in slowly, taking in the appearance of his morning look of lips. I get caught in a gaze.

"Oh Come here!" Luke demanded, pulling me into a kiss. He squeezes on my bottom and moves his hands upwards as the kiss gets more heated.

We take a quick breath and go back in to the kiss, the kiss that had no control.

I feel him starting to use his tongue in what seemed a professional way. I go along with it and our tongues are now moving in sync.

He lifts his hands higher onto my body, right below the black laced bra I'm wearing.

I place my hands on both sides of his stubble beard and take control of the kiss. It feel so passionate to be kissing Luke right now. His kisses are so rough and gentle at the same time.

I feel him slightly tug up on my shirt. Few seconds later while we are still kissing I feel him softly bite my tongue. Probably out of frustration of trying to take of my shirt.

"Hahaha," I laugh and break the kiss.

I take a look at Luke and he looks confused.

"What?" He questioned.

"Hahaha," I giggled, "So you need help,"

He laughs confusingly, "what?"

"I know you were trying to pull off my shirt,"

"Yeah I know, haha," he smiles.

I love the way he smiles, when he smiles big enough he gets these little creases by his eyes and it's so cute. Oh I love him! Huh...... I love him? Not sure? Oh who am I kidding, I do love him. I don't know why I can't get pass that.

"Let me try one more time," he insists and takes off my shirt. "Lace?" He has a slight blush and grins.

"What?!?" I asked, "You don't like lace?"

"I love lace actually," He admits.

"Interesting," i say.

Since I can't sit up properly because this is a bunk in a tour bus I get off of Luke and lay down beside him.

"Jazmine?" He calls my name.

"Yes Luke?" I answer, turning to face him. I lean on his chest making myself comfortable.

"Your hot!" Luke blustered.

"Hahahahah!," I laugh, "Thanks Luke!"

That was nice of him but that was so not true. Hot is an overstatement. I mean I'm not ugly but I'm also not the most beautiful girl in the world.

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