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"It's gonna be a long day" I yawn. I look over to the clock and its 10 in the morning. I walk over to the dryer and my clothes are still warm.

I ripped jeans got formed up in the washer, but it looked natural. My leather boots were dirty and I had to clean them to get the polished look I wanted.

My laptop was dead so I went down to the lobby. They have iMacs so I use one. This was like the one I had at home.

I think the person next to me could hear my music playing. I was looking up fall out boy. If they had any concerts in town then I was so going. No way I would miss that. Guess what! They have a concert at 8pm and I am going. I didn't have any other clothes so I walk to the shopping mall down the street. They had hot topic here, so I bought a fall out boy shirt. Since I was going to a F.O.B concert,so it made sense. This shirt seemed weird because they didn't have a galaxy print before, but oh well matches my outfit. Everything matches black.

The weather was very muggy. The hotel has a pool, so I went to go buy a swim shorts and a tank top.
Black and white of course.

"Oh I'm sorry" I bumped into someone entering the elevator. Wow he's cute.

"It's fine" he grabs my arms, looking into my eyes. "I'm Shawn"

"Hi..." I'm memorized by his smile "Jazmine.."

"So around here?" Shawn engages conversation.

"from Cali" I answer.

"So what are you doing here?" He looks up and his eyes sparkle. I was like... Woah.

"I'm suppose to be with this band called 5sos, but some things happened" All I could remember was Luke.

"5sos! I love those guys!" Shawn says sounding like a fan girl.

"Well this is my floor" I tell him.

"Me too!" Shawn smiles. "Hey! You wanna hang out?"

I really wanted to hang out with him. "sure, the pool?"

"exactly what I was thinking, meet you down there in a few minutes." Shawn smiles and runs off to his hotel room.

I guess Im going swimming today. Swimming didn't require beauty, so I left my hair in its natural waves. Every Time I go swimming my hair smells funny after and I have to wash it real good.

I heard someone knock on the door, I go to look who it was, and its Shawn. How'd he know which room I was in.

"Shawn?? How'd you know what room is mines?" I ask and he makes the most perky smile every.

"Well since I went that way and you went this , I thought that you would get a room all the way at the end because most teenage people like their privacy but I wouldn't think you'd get a room where many people could see you come out if they come out from the elevator, so I walked over here and knocked on three or four doors and this was the room that was finally answered by you!" Shawn freakin rambled on.

"Okay okay, slow your row. I didn't ask for a whole essay on how you magically found what hotel I'm in." I walk pass him, going towards the elevator.

I hear him running up behind me. "how long are you gonna be here??"

We enter the elevator. "I have to find The boys. and I think we're going to another city for a little meet and greet" I tried sounding exciting but I still kinda didn't wanna talk to Luke or any of them.

"Oh...." Shawn says so plain.

I wonder why he sounds bum.

"I thought you were staying longer" Shawn says as we walk out the elevator.

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