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Unexpected | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Unexpected | Calum Hoodby Sav
A night out. A conversation that led to more. Now their lives are forever intertwined and they must find a way to deal with the unexpected. Highest Rankings: 1 in Calum...
wrong number - lh by lukespeachy
wrong number - lhby lukespeachy
0536-617-053: [image sent] 0536-617-053: you like? (; me: um 0536-617-053: o shit wrong number me: youre good 0536-617-053: do you still like? (; a story in which a gir...
piercings and cigarettes | luke hemmings by emma7727
piercings and cigarettes | luke he...by E
Sixteen year old Thea Clifford is Michael Clifford's younger sister. Eighteen year old Luke Hemmings is Michael Clifford's best friend. What happens when they fall for e...
Somebody I Don't Know : Book 1 of the Teeth Series by SavSOS_
Somebody I Don't Know : Book 1 of...by Sav
They were perfect until they weren't. Wrecked by the decisions that wrecked their romantic relationship, Fallon and Calum must figure out how to coexist in a world where...
scars(l.h) by smirkyluke
scars(l.h)by jazmine kailani
scars- a mark left on the skin or within the body tissue where a wound, burn or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has formed
Second Chances | Luke Hemmings by vivalasleep
Second Chances | Luke Hemmingsby vivalasleep
Luke cheats on his pregnant wife with a bartender. He doesn't feel guilty and she leaves him immediately only to bump into him a few years later.
My Brother's Bandmate by meghanreily
My Brother's Bandmateby Meghan :)
About to leave for the Rock Out With Your Socks Out, Ashton decides to invite his younger sister Meghan to join him. Meghan, currently living in LA with Jack Gilinsky a...
Fixing Indie❧Hemmings by polarizemydoubt
Fixing Indie❧Hemmingsby blackberry summers
❝When I tell you that you're beautiful, I don't just mean your appearance. I mean all of you; who and what you are is beautiful.❞ -Steve Maraboli #StopBodyShaming #FreeY...
**WARNING** this is filled with smut, so if you dont like that type of stuff, dont read :))
5SOS oneshots by Skz_Writer2
5SOS oneshotsby Skz_Writer2
A bunch of oneshots with the 5sos members. Some are darker stories than others and some are more lighthearted and fun. I will take requests for any story ideas for a mem...
Quiet Hours [Luke Hemmings] by SumNawaz
Quiet Hours [Luke Hemmings]by summer
quiet hours ( kwahy-it ou-ers) - noun - ➳ set times, usually during the morning and night, when residents must be particularly respectful. noise is considered unreasonab...
Maybe Someday by bloomisht
Maybe Somedayby b e l l a
a conversation; between a boy named Luke and a girl named Mackenzie
Yours Truly, 500 Years Of Winter by Cheesetoastiemc
Yours Truly, 500 Years Of Winterby Mackenzie Mitchler
~First book of the Yours Truly Trilogy~ Arya Leo is your usual 17-year-old girl from Adelaide, Australia. After Zayn, her best friend, introduces her to Ashton, Luke and...
The Midnight Party by deliriouslovesyou
The Midnight Partyby Beemo Loves You
Jessie Is Stiles's Little Sister. She's An Alpha. She Been Bit By Stiles's Friend Scott like Liam Dunbar. Jessie Fall In Love With A Former Alpha Derek Hale. Find out If...
Just Friends by meghanreily
Just Friendsby Meghan :)
Since the breakup, Luke and Meghan have tried to make their regular Lives work without each other. It works until Connor Hicks enters the picture
Behind the Songs by poisnpen
Behind the Songsby elle :~)
As a middle-schooler, Mackenzie was never considered "popular". In fact, people hardly realized she existed besides her three best friends. However, when she c...
Color Me Blue ༉‧₊˚✧ a luke hemmings fanfic by lukeslemonboy
Color Me Blue ༉‧₊˚✧ a luke hemming...by elizabeth·˚ ༘ ᝰ ₊˚
"I like your sweater." he said softly, handing her the cigarette. she shivered a bit and smiled. "thanks, i like yours better though." - in which l...
A 5SOS fanfic - Dedication by justboybands
A 5SOS fanfic - Dedicationby Just Boybands
What will happen when four crazy boys crash into Beth and Olivia's lives ? Will it tear their close relationship apart ? Or make them stronger ? Read to find out !
Paris (Luke Hemmings) by purplehemmings96
Paris (Luke Hemmings)by Hemmings.
•A Luke Hemmings Short Story. •When traveling Europe with two of her best friends, the last thing Bella expected was a short lived romance in France. - - - I do not own...