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It's about 3:30, I've been trying to finish up this song for a few hours now.

Getting frustrated I leave the room and head upstairs. I go to take a shower and cool down.

I turn on the water and blast some music. The type of music that has a story to tell and that makes you relate to what they've gone through.

I rinse the conditioner out of my hair. The water running down making the music sound drained.

The hot water making my cuts burn. I look down at my hips and remember the time when it was covered with scars.

I step out of the shower and the mirror is foggy. I wrap myself with the towel and walk into the closet. I slip on some joggers and a black crop top. The floor was a little cold so put on some shoes.

I hop down the stairs and walk into the the recording room. I blast the music and start recording.

Luke's POV

I texted Janice that I was on my way, I'm about 5minutes to the house.

I know Jazmine is gonna be there, so im really nervous. The last time I see her I accidentally slapped her.

"I'm such an idiot..." I shout, beeping the horn of my car.

I walk into the house and I hear someone singing.

The speakers were blasting and I could tell that someone was in the recording room.

I make my way to the recording room and I find Jazmine in the studio.

I listen to the words she sings and my heart drops. A true story... she wrote about me. The way I broke her heart. I made her feel insecure, I made her cry. I shouldn't have said the things I did.

Jazmine walks out the recording room and wipes her tears. She finally noticed me and her eyes start to tear even more.

I take a step towards her and she steps back.

"What do you want?" She asked turning away.

"I want you..." I pleaded.

"Why don't you go and 'want' someone else?" Jazmine toughened her words, holding back the tears.

"I didn't mean it like that..."

"Of course you didn't,"

"Jazmine...just listen to me"

"Luke... what is there to listen to?"

"Jazmine-" My words come to a stop.

"When you tell someone you love them, it's not because you want to make love with them but you want to... I don't know... go to the carnivals with them or have a walk on the beach with or spend long nights cuddling and watching Netflix,"

"I know, I know," I admitted, feeling stupid.

"You can't say 'I love you' just to get into someones pants and you CANT say 'I love you' then go and fuck their best friend or smack them across their face,"

I stood there in shame, listening to the things that she said. Which were all true.

"That's just not right, Luke.... it's just... not right," Jazmine wailed.

I hear someone clear their throat and I automatically knew it was Ms.Jones.

"I was hoping you guys wouldn't be arguing," She grinds her teeth.

"The boys been telling me about this situation between the two of you," She spoke. "I was very surprised Luke, you weren't very pleased with a lot girls,"

Janice was right, I never felt like this about a girl before.

"I've been watching you guys talk on the surveillance system, and noticed very strong emotions,"

"Janice..." I try to stop her from talking.

She walks out the door and I hear two clicks.

"JANICE!" I shout banging on the door.

She looks at me through the glass windows and waves good-bye.

Janice locked us in the recording room and I was furious about that.

I turn my head to see Jazmine sitting against the wall with her legs crossed. I start to tear thinking of the pain I put her through.Her eyes were puffy and red.

I slide myself down the back of the door and take in a deep breathe.

"Jazmine..." I softly spoke.

"Luke..." Her words sounding weak, "Please just don't" Jazmine begs.

Not wanting to upset her anymore, I shut my mouth. 

6hours later

I checked my phone and it was 11pm. Jazmine fell asleep a couple hours ago and I've been staring at her for the most time. She sleeps so peacefully, cuddling up with herself.

After a few minutes I get sleepy and close my eyes.


I recommend you guy listen to the song before reading the next chapter, just so you know how it goes.

The song is, We don't have to take our clothes off by Ella Eyre.

This song has a good story... If you actually can understand what the experience she went through was.

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