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The whole night, me and Clarissa watched Teen Wolf. Dylan O' Brien and Tyler Posey is best-boy-FRIEND goals. I tried not to bring up he text that she sent me, but I needed to talk to her about it. The past few days she's been really iffy. She back to her house at 3 in the morning.

It was really cold this morning and it was 10am.
It was sleep-in day and all I was planning on doing was watching Netflix and eating pizza rolls.

I go to open the fridge and the pizza rolls are gone. Oh yeah... I remember we are it all last night. I swear I had two boxes in here. I couldn't watch Netflix without pizza rolls so Now I have to go buy. Ugh now I wish we didn't eat all that pizza rolls last night. I don't wanna drive to the store.

I was sleeping in my penguin onesie so I just put on my black combat boots from journey's. Its so comfy to wear a onesie. I grabbed 20 bucks out of
my wallet,take a quick selfie in the mirror and walk to my car. Walking to my car I see people walk up to me.

"Hi, um, Can we have a picture with you" A girl asked me from out of no where.

"Um, sure I guess."

We set up the camera on the side walk and take three group pictures. These people were funny.

"So, anyways why'd you guys wanna take a picture with me?" I had no clue why.

"I don't know? We just thought you look really cool with your combat boots and your jumpsuit." She said and I laughed.

"Haha, thanks your not so bad yourself" I complimented her.

"Thanks" Her and friends walk away.

I get in my car and let it warm up. I shuffle my Sam smith album and Lay Me Down starts playing. Not to brag but I could hit all the notes just joking I suck ass.

I let the song play and my eyes start tearing. Sam Smith is amazing. His vocals are astronomical. You could say I have Sam Smith Syndrome.

I get into the store and people are looking at me. I really didn't care cause it was really cold. I grabbed four original sized boxes. It was 4 for 5. I also bought some cinnamon sticks. There more things I wanted to buy, like baking goods but I only had 20 bucks, so I walk to the cashier.

"Hi, found everything you need today" The cashier smiles.

"Yes, thank you!" I was kinda grumpy that I had to leave my apartment but I still was polite. She scanned my pizza rolls and cinnamon sticks and I watch the prices add.

"Your total is 11.32" She says as I hand her the 20 dollar bill. I was calculating the change in my head before she could enter it in. I got 8.68.

"8.68 is your change mam, thanks for shopping"

I drove as fast as I could to my apartment. I think I ran a red light...........I guess I really wanted to watch some Netflix and eat some pizza rolls.

The first thing I did as I went inside was make my pizza rolls and made a whole box hot. I turned on my tv and connected it to my play station.
I logged into Netflix and played American Horror Story. I know season 4 is finished but it wasn't on Netflix yet, so I decide to re-watch season one. My favorite out of the three seasons so far.

"Beep! Beep! Beeeeep!" I hear my microwave go off. I didn't realize I put in there for so long. I run to grab it and I burn my hands. I got comfy on my couch. my couch had one side where you can lay down,that was the spot I was in.

"Don't! Nope! Don't go down there! Helloooo don't you guys watch movies" I yell at my tv because the boy twins are freakin stupid. They should've listen to her. Even though that girl has Down syndrome I still think she's beautiful.

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