Chapter Twenty-Eight: Catalia Nervosa...tragedy.

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A knife stuck out from Wilfred's chest as the older man stumbled back, eyes wide as he looked at the handle in bewilderment. "Wh-why?" He gasped out as Ayame and Edward stared as their precious master stumbled back. Rin stood nearby with a horrified look on her face, holding her hands to her chest. Catalia looked at the blood coating her hand then back at Wilfred, flicking her hand to send the scarlet liquid flying to the ground.

"Because you're a pig." She sneered, turning from him. "I need this back." She reached behind her with out looking and grasped the handle of the knife, ripping it from Wilfred's ribs. The older man fell back as Ayame let out a gut wrenching scream, Edward staring as his master fell to the ground. Rin looked at Catalia and grit her teeth as Catalia placed a hand to the red stain on her dress.

"How unfortunate." She sighed and Natsu watched with a clenched jaw. "This body is very beautiful." Catalia ran her fingers over her hips and face, closing her eyes as she took hold of the blonde hair on her head. "I've never thought about going blonde though." She murmured, before looking up towards the cage. Ayame and Edward cried over Wilfred's body as Rin glared at Catalia's back. Catalia placed her hand on her chest as her eyes latched with Natsu's and the pink haired boy stepped forward.

"Strange." Catalia said with a raised eyebrow. "Her heart beats faster when my eyes meet yours, boy." Catalia took the knife in her hand and slid it across her palm, Lucy's blood spilling over her fingers.

"Is she..." Juvia started, holding Gray's arm as he held it out in a protective manner. "Is she on our side?" She asked and Natsu's brow furrowed as he teeth clenched.

"I don't think so." He said.

"Diachi-" Gray started, turning his head to the younger boy.

"Already a head of you." Diachi said, shoving the purple scarf back into his cloak and pulling out a red scarf.

"Show me," he started, the burgundy color of his hair tracking down his arm. "My power!" A demon erupted from the scarf and Diachi pointed towards the bars of the cage. The demon growled and turned, slashing its claws against the bars. "Go! Chikara!"

"I'll help too." Saika said, standing from Yuri's grip, holding her palm out. She closed her eyes, focusing and a sword sprang out of her hand. Her fingers clasped the handle and she swung it down the metal clashing against the bars. Sparks flew backwards and Natsu smirked.

"Yosh. I'm fired up now." He said. The mages around them were freaking out, unable to approach due to the fact that Diachi's demon, Chikara would lash out at anyone who would come close. Catalia was watching the commotion and Natsu lit his fists with a devilish smile.

"Fire Dragons: Talons!" He swung his arms down, his flames slashing against the bars. He winced as electricity shot back towards him and he planted his feet, clutching his hands into fists. "Hold on, Lucy. Fire Dragons: Wing Attack!"

Natsu caught sight of Catalia and his heart twisted as her lips curled into a smile.

"To late, Natsu Dragneel." She murmured and his eyes widened as she slammed her bleeding hand against the ground. "I summon thee spirits of hell. Come forth and serve your master!" Her voice said before she slammed the poisoned hand down into the grass. Natsu paused his attacks in awe as the poison shot from her arm into the ground and her blonde hair went flying back from her face.

He recognized that determined look. That was the look Lucy, his Lucy, always did. Natsu almost thought that it was her but remembered otherwise when his mind registered the lilac colored eyes staring at the ground where her hands resided.

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