Outside at Last

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Once discovered, the heroes quickly pulled Midoriya and Bakugou into an ambulance, despite their multiple protests, and raced them over to the hospital. Right now, the two were in the same room, with Midoriya being on the left side and Bakugou on the right.

"Why the fuck did they think us being in the same room would be a good idea?" Bakugou scowled. "If anything, I could be trying to attack you."

"Yeah, they really gotta think these things through," Midoriya hummed and the room fell into an awkward silence once more.

"You really piss me off, you know that, right?" Bakugou began, once again breaking the silence.

"Considering all the attacks on me and how hostile you're to me, yes, yes I do."

Bakugou glanced at Midoriya before bringing his arms behind his head and looking up at the ceiling. "I - You know how teachers hate the kids who aren't amazing at their subject or the kids that barely pay attention or the kids who they seem to expect more out of?"

Midoriya's eyebrows furrowed. "Um, yeah? I guess?"

"You're kinda like that. You were really easy to fuck with," Bakugou said, "but you didn't follow the goddamn system."

"What system?"

"I thought you were smarter than that, the system at Aldera and the schools before."

"Kacchan, I still don't know what you are talking about - "

"Then I'll make you understand. Only the best can survive, anything less and you're nothing. I refused to be nothing so I became the best. But you, shitty Deku, decided to fuck with me and continued to try to be a hero!"
Bakugou slowly brought his hands down before him. "And then you fucking have the audacity to come through that door and say 'Hi, Kacchan! Long time no see'! What do you think that meant to me?!" Bakugou's chest moved up and down faster, signalling his quick breaths. "Everything I learned was wrong. And being wrong is worse than being nothing."

It was quiet, with only Midoriya'sthoughts buzzing in his head. Why did this sound so mich like Kunugigaoka? Why was rhis problem so widespread? "I - Kacchan," Midoriya began before Bakugou glared at him.

"Stop calling me tha - "

"Everything alright, boys?" The two looked over at the entrance to see a familiar face.

"Sensei/Aizawa-sensei," Midoriya and Bakugou said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just coming in here to say that you guys are gonna have some therapy lessons - "

"I don't need therapy!/What the fuck, I don't need that shit!"

"No interrupting."

"But, Aizawa-sensei," Midoriya wheedled.

Aizawa looked at Midoriya. "What did I say about interrupting me?"

"No interrupting."

"Exactly, now, as I was saying, you both will have at least two weeks worth of these with Hound Dog, once every other day. Depending on how well you're responding, you can have up to a year's worth of meetings. Now you can speak."

The two practically exploded.

"Why is this mandatory?"

"I'm stronger than this - "

"You know my recommendation, I can handle it - "

"I suffered from a fucking attack earlier, I'm fine - "

"Are these meetings going to be together or - "

"They fucking better not - "

"How's everyone else in class? What did we miss?"

"Shit, we might've missed so many classes - "

"Alright, lemme answer your questions," Aizawa stretched before grabbing a chair and sitting down. The two looked over at Aizawa with rapt attention.

"No, you did not miss any classes, they cancelled any school days as well as the rest of the Sports Festival. Yes, it is mandatory, the therapy lessons. No, you two are not doing them together. And finally, I don't fucking care what either of you two think you can handle, you're going to them. Midoriya," Aizawa began when Midoriya opened his mouth, "I know you're on recommendation but this is still going to leave a psychological impact. Not even the strongest can say they're completely unaffected by them. And Bakugou, don't pretend that you're also fine from this and that other villain attack, I've seen you panic over what goes on your neck and what goes near it. You still feel like something is going to surprise you, which is why you hate neckties."

Midoriya and Bakugou looked at Aizawa with either awe or fear. How in the world did he guess all of that?

"I don't know what you're fucking talking about - " Bakugou began to argue, but Aizawa quickly shut it down.

"Bakugou," Aizawa sighed, "not everything is meant to be done alone - "

"Then I'll be stronger than that - "


"I can't fucking not try - "

"Bakugou," Aizawa said warningly.

"You can't tell me that and think I'll be okay with that - "


Bakugou flinched before looking back at his teacher.

"This decision is not something you can argue out of. Understand?"

Bakugou muttered something under his breath.

"Repeat that?"

"I understand."

"Good. I have to go soon, my visiting time's already almost done. Recover soon, okay?"

And with that said, Aizawa stood up, put away his chair, walked out of the room, and closed the door, leaving the two back in silence.

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