Cavalry But With an Assassin

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"Alright!" Midnight yelled as she waved her arm over her head. The forty-two people who had passed, including Midoriya, walked closer to the stage. 

"Our next activity will be..." the wheel spun as Midnight announced. 

'It'll probably be a team battle', Midoriya thought, watching the wheel, 'being a hero also means being able to work as a team'.

"A cavalry battle!"

Knew it.

As Midnight explained the point system, Midoriya could feel all his opponents' eyes on him. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to win in the first round.

"Go make your teams!"

Midoriya looked around, but everyone was either making their teams or staying away from him. Which wasn't good if he wanted to advance to the next round.

"Midoriya!" Midoriya turned at the mention of his name to see Uraraka skipping towards him. "Can I be in your cavalry team?"

Midoriya smiled, "Sure, Uraraka! You don't mind?"

Uraraka shook her head.

Just then, a pink-haired girl bounded towards them, "TEN MILLION!"

The girl landed in front of him. "Wait," Uraraka said, "you're that girl with those inventions!"

Invention girl beamed and pointed towards herself with her thumb, "My name's Hatsume Mei, and I'm going to be famous and make babies everywhere! Like this baby!"

If it weren't for the fact that he met an assassin that liked to eat guns, then Midoriya would be so confused at Hatsume. It turned out that he wasn't the only one thinking this, but Uraraka said it out loud. "Why babies?"

"Because I made them, therefore, they're my babies!" Hatsume reasoned.

It made more sense than eating guns.

Somewhere in the world...


"You better not be sick."

"Don't worry, I won't," he replied, licking his gun.


'We need one more', Midoriya thought as he looked around. They needed someone who could attack but someone who could also defend. His eyes scanned the arena until he spotted the person he needed. 

"Do you have a team?"


"Would you like to join mine?"


"And the Cavalry Battle will begin when I say go. Ready? GO!" 

"Uraraka! Lighten us! I'm going to use the jetpack!" Midoriya yelled as he turned the invention on. The ground below them was softening quickly, but they were able to get out. Now in the air, Midoriya smirked. 

"IF YOU WANT THE TEN MILLION, GO GET IT!" he yelled, throwing his head band at the oncoming teams, who soon started battling for it. The most prominent teams were Bakugou and Todoroki. Midoriya's smirk went even wider.

"Midoriya, may I ask what that was for?" Tokoyami turned to Midoriya, who explained, "Well, no one would pass up the chance for the points, right? So all we have to do is get some other points. At the end, if we can, we'll get the points."

Tokoyami nodded at the plan.

"Now, let's sneak up on some people, shall we?"


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